A Message from Irvin

Irvin Rosenfeld

Irvin Rosenfeld

My these are challenging times, aren’t they?

Even after all these years, marijuana is still federally illegal.

If we cannot distinguish the difference between Medical Cannabis and marijuana, then we will eventually lose. Cannabis has been used as medicine for thousands of years longer than it has been prohibited.

The federal government is fighting back against all use of a plant. Our opposition will use any and all means to discredit its use and the people involved in an illegal act  (in their eyes).

As patients and providers, we need to always put our best effort into showing Cannabis in a respectable manner.

That holds true whether in video or print.

In my opinion, doing an interview on camera wearing a pot tee shirt does not enhance us trying to make people respect the medical use of cannabis.

That goes for marijuana magazines that profess the use of Cannabis for Medical use.

I’m sorry, but showing a picture of a scantly clothed girl holding buds does not send the right message about medical cannabis. We need to always be aware of how we come across, especially to our opponents.

This is why we need respectable publications like Colorado Connect, and exactly why I am on board with this publication.

While I am not against any use of this plant, my battle for the last 40 years has been for patients and trying my best to educate others of its medical use.

We need magazines and videos that show the respect that our opposition does not expect. Without them, Cannabis will be demonized and marijuana will become that evil weed that is federally illegal.

I encourage you, please support Colorado Connect so that we can help you gain that respect. Join our team today, and help us further this fight. We will work hard to help you with your business, battle the opposition locally, and make your advertising dollars work for you in so many more ways than currently available.

We welcome you to our team, and I hope to see many of you when I visit in November.

Feel free to contact me and remember ~ Rules are a Guideline.

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Irvin Rosenfeld – the longest of the surviving the final four Federal Cannabis patients in the United States, author of “My Medicine” and co-editor of Colorado Connect.

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