That number is no longer a working number

So very tempting to think about......

Maddening…..absolutely maddening I say.

My phone IS a valid number folks. It just doesn’t want to work in Colorado. You see – my cell provider bounces off of AT & T towers – and they don’t always agree – even though they have a contract.

So…..when folks call my number – they may – or may not – get that message. The lucky ones get through on the first try. The not so lucky can get me if they keep calling – or – dial 406-890-5978.

I had a complete meltdown Friday with my cell company when this was discovered – and I would like to apologize to any and all of you who may have tried to call me and got that message.

The problem is still not resolved today… please bear with me and feel free to contact any of my staff. You may reach me at 406-890-5978 as an alternate – or call Irvin at 954-536-9011 and he can get a message to me. You can also text me at 406-594-7932. That does not seem to be affected.

I am SO sorry for any and all inconvenience this has caused – it is completely out of my control. I can dial out all day long…’s the receiving calls where there are issues.

Bear with me folks – and stay in touch. We have some exciting things happening!!!!

Walk proud!


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