Something about the Springs just makes me happy inside…….


I had to stop at the scenic lookout and just absorb my surroundings. The Colorado Springs area is so beautiful…….

Something about it calls to my soul. I think it’s my Montana upbringing. My biological roots are in Berthoud and Milliken….but they don’t call to me like the Springs.

It feels so good to connect to my roots again. I am a Native. As I drive 25 I recall snippets of my youth in Colorado…..and cherish them.

Yes……I love Montana with every ounce of my soul……but the fact I realize as I get reacquainted with my home state is……I will always be a Colorado Girl through and through.

I love you Colorado……it’s good to be home.

2 Comments to “Something about the Springs just makes me happy inside…….”

  1. Good to have you here Hiedi! Colorado loves you too. 🙂

  2. Thank you markandmmj. It’s good to be home. I can’t wait til I can take a day off and explore Conifer. My family homesteaded Conifer – and my cousin and her family currently live in my Uncle’s home he raised them in, and operate the church and do Missionary work. I am blessed to have a rich history in Colorado, and I look forward to getting re-acquainted with it at a much closer level.

    I never lost my love for my roots…..they were simply transplanted to another state at a young age. I intend to use my love and experience in and for both states to help as many folks as I can with Colorado Connect and Montana Connect.

    Advocacy has become my middle name, and I welcome it.

    I look forward to meeting many many more of you out there….whether you are a patient, an MMD, or simply someone wanting to learn. Cannabis is EXCITING to me, and I love to learn the science and share…..and watch the blossoming of new knowledge within others. Help to propagate it.

    Please, feel free to contact me and let me know what we can do to make Medical Cannabis a better thing for everybody. We can’t help and educate folks unless we know what is going on. The people we help now and that I do advocacy for I am involved with. I know these folks. They matter to me.

    This entire Industry matters to me. I hope to make it the best we can be – and showcase what we do. How professional and caring these folks are, and the science happening. the lives being changes and saved.

    Let’s DO this!

    Let’s Connect!

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