Fort Collins CO Prohibitionists Ignorance is Stunning

Aaaaaand…..STRAIGHT from prohibition central…….Da da da Daaaaaaaah!

Fort Collins prohibition times in a nutshell. All here for your perusing pleasure – and geared specifically for those who would rather see their communities murdered by opioid painkillers – and let the drug dealers sell not only POT to their kids – but all sorts of other evil and nasty drugs too.

“We just don’t want to see it happen” claimed one of the prohibitionist Grandmas……”as long as we don’t SEE it happen….well….it’s not happening! Right?”

You just keep on thinking that way Granny while Drug Dealer Jose comes to meet your sweet lil Katie girl……you won’t see him coming or going.

Good luck Fort Collins Prohibitionists…..your ignorance is simply stunning.

Special Report: Medical Marijuana in Northern Colorado | The Coloradoan |

Please note – the above statement is sarcastic – the link rings true.

Press conference

Steve Ackerman holds a press conference with the local union reps. This is the story:

Medical marijuana business ban set to pass in Fort Collins based on unofficial results

I refuse to post the picture of the prohibitionist fools dancing and hugging in celebration – as if they had just run some evil monster out of their town.

Little do they know…..they just invited it IN.

Fort Collins holds a spot in my heart. WHY??? Many of you may ask.

Well….I’m here to tell you.

Weld and Larimer Counties are where I spent a majority of my time growing up when little – and visiting from Montana. If my father had never moved us away – I am pretty sure I would have wound up living in either of these counties. It is where my roots are – where a majority of my family history is….my memories. I can see a destiny of where I would have been in either agriculture – or technology. More than likely technology – and with family at HP and IBM – I would have fought for a position.

My aunt was an educator for 30 years in Weld County – taught first grade. We are educators too. I have cousins who are National leaders in the milk industry……

Like I said….I have roots – and they run very deep.

I was in Fort Collins on August 16 this year – strictly by chance too. I was in state promoting and building Colorado Connect – and introducing a powdery mildew spray. I had went to Fort Collins that day as that is where the headquarters are for the biggest grow shop in state. I concluded business – and went to visit shops and introduce myself.

By the third shop – I had been told of the trouble in town. They were out to ban MMD’s. I stopped immediately – went to the park – plugged into the internet to research everything going on and prepare to fight.

I was at the town council meeting that night. I spoke on behalf of the medical cannabis community – and I threw down the Federal Patient card.

See my testimony here – it is the August 16, 2011 town council meeting:

It was my best to date. You see – I got a LOT of practice in Montana. Please visit my YouTube channel here:

I helped write a killer regulation bill, fought on the hill, and spent HOURS documenting legislative session. I think if some of you Colorado folks watched some of those videos – you might recognize some scripts.

Prohibition scripts.

Talk about insane….if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes – I never would have believed it. As I sat there in that town council meeting in Fort Collins Colorado on 8/16/2011 I watched. As I watched – I was blown away by the similarities. Not just in the testimony – but the people! Fort Collins has a Cherrie Brady, a Susan Smith, a Steve Zabawa, they have the entire same cast and crew – just shifted a little. Same TYPE of people – same script.

AND – GRAIN COMPANIES behind the prohibitionists.

Check it out folks. You Colorado folks look up those names I said from Montana in my YouTube videos and see if they don’t sound like the same people from your community with different names and faces. I have had a couple Montana folks watch the Fort Collins town council video and see the similarities.

Tell me I’m not crazy…..please?

Anyway… heart goes out to all patients and providers in Fort Collins. SO PROUD of the hard fight you folks put up. Such good people.

I ask all others out there to support them – and encourage them in any way shape or form we can. This industry is a helping industry – and we have some severely damaged family here.

I don’t know what we can do right now…..but I’m down to help find an answer.

Let’s DO this people! Let’s Connect, Fight, and help folks!

Please feel free to call me at : 720-326-6577

e-mail me:

Twitter: @CoConnectMe

Be sure to subscribe in the Let’s connect box in the upper right hand corner. Please feel free to share your thoughts here too – I am very interested to know.

2 Comments to “Fort Collins CO Prohibitionists Ignorance is Stunning”

  1. When does Irvin testify? At what time in the video link?

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