Daylight Savings Special!

I hope I have your attention – Curious yet?

HOW can gaining a precious hour of sleep save you money?

By reading this post – and contacting me.

I’m offering a Daylight Savings Special today. I mean – it’s Daylight SAVINGS right? YOU should be able to save too – since you gained that hour of sleep we all cherish so much. You should be all bright eyed and busy tailed and ready to read up! 😉

Here’s the deal……I am offering 5% off of all Charter Rates for folks who commit to an ad no later than midnight tonight. That gives folks time to get into their e-mail – and extends my offer from Saturday for folks who may have missed it.

That 5% can add up – depending on what size ad you want to come out in the premiere issue with. The Charter issue establishes our founding business relationships in Colorado. The folks who really believe in what we’re doing – and want to get behind the Federal Patient – and promote our work. The folks who want to work with Irv and I to bring credibility and integrity to Medical Cannabis.

We are developing a team. We want your input. We want to represent you respectfully, and responsibly. I mean – Irvin’s a STOCKBROKER – we cannot tarnish that for him.

To have Irvin on board is truly an honor and a privilege NO other publication can tout or utilize on a political platform. I really hope you folks can see our vision, and get on board.

Patients lives depend on responsibility EVERY day…..and we take that very seriously.

The rate sheet is below. By gosh – if you have questions – ASK! Please! There are rates available for every level of participation.

If you belong to a Trade Association – there will be additional group benefits extended to their members. If you belong to an association I have not been in touch with – call me immediately. Irvin arrives in state in 9 days – and we want all associations on board.

720-326-6577 or e-mail

To lock a 5% Daylight Savings discount today – here’s what you do:

Call me

e-mail me

Twitter – @CoConnectMe

Facebook me on the Colorado Connect page. The like box is to your right – and you can click in from there to leave a Facebook post. This must be completed by MIDNIGHT tonight: November 6, 2011

Post or state anywhere “Let’s Connect! I want my 5% off!” on Twitter, Facebook, or in e-mail or post a comment below.

When you commit to your ad size and sign an insertion order we can make payment arrangements. I know many of you need to do that – and do not want it to be a hinderance. All payments MUST be received NO LATER than November 21, 2011.

Keep me crazy busy today people! LOVE meeting you folks and seeing what you’re doing. Most all of you I have met are doing AMAZING things! LOVE IT!!!!

I hope to shake your hand soon – no matter where you are.

Let’s Connect!

Charter Rates EXPIRE December 1, 2011! LOCK YOURS TODAY!

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