Uncertain shutdown scenario looms for medical marijuana shops | The Coloradoan | coloradoan.com

Uncertain shutdown scenario looms for medical marijuana shops | The Coloradoan | coloradoan.com.

Prohibitionists rejoice in our pain and despair…..I saw it in this very same newspaper earlier this week. “Save the children! Save the children!”

What about the children? I happen to know some very sick ones. Very sick children who are helped by Cannabis. Would they deny the children? What if that was their own child? Would they “Just say No”?

Sickness and disease are not “picky”. They don’t care who they get – what your status in life is, how much money you make, who your family is. That doesn’t matter…..they are vicious predators.

On another note…..we cannot regulate good parenting. When we have to start enacting laws at a local level to assist in parenting – there are definitely “issues”. Parenting starts at home, and if you haven’t talked to you children by the 2nd grade about at least sex….well….better sign up for some parenting classes and learn how to communicate with your child. You have a LONNNNG road ahead of you if you don’t.

Why is everybody so afraid to talk to their kids about these issues? Our children are NOT stupid people…..far from it. You think your child doesn’t see you take a pill for a headache? Eat an opioid for pain? All of these can KILL a person…..wouldn’t it be logical to explain cannabis IS a medicine and the difference between legal and recreational use?

The kids would think so……..why don’t you ask them sometime?

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