How many people have to die before we get serious?

Congressman’s Daughter Seeks Injunction Against Federal Crackdown on Medical Marijuana – Rancho Bernardo, CA Patch.

This is EXACTLY what I was referring to when I wrote this morning – about Image and perception.

A CONGRESSMANS DAUGHTER has to fight for access – because of stereotype. Because Medical Cannabis is not recognized as medicine. To quote “They believe me that it works but there’s such a negative image in everyone’s head in general about marijuana. They still have that, but they support me in what I want to do,” she said.”

WHY should someones life depend on a negative image? WHY do folks in the medical cannabis industry have such a bad image?

I can answer that – and I will be blunt. It’s because of what I call the “Culture Club”

Recreational use has it’s place – but when folks lives are at risk – it is not a cultural game playing issue. This is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

It’s time to GET serious folks. I hope you consider my words.

How many more people have to DIE before we get serious here?

I’d really like to know.

Cancer patient Briana Bilbray—the daughter of Congressman Brian Bilbray - with President Obama at the White House

2 Comments to “How many people have to die before we get serious?”

  1. I hate to disagree but we have the negative image because cannabis will replace 80% of pharmaceuticals and oil products! The people who control those industries are very wealthy and powerful influences to the media, and the Government and they use that power and influence to demonize cannabis and it’s users!

    • So….Dirt……do you see Pharmaceutical Companies handing out free magazines full of scantily clad women everywhere for politicians children to find? For Politicians to find? have you looked at some of the content of these publications?


      The battle you speak of is completely different than the one I brought up. How about we stay on topic please?

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