It’s time for Change

That’s what we’re trying to do here….isn’t it?


We want to change the world. We want to change laws. We want to change people’s view.

We want respect… least I do when it comes to the Medical Cannabis industry.

I don’t know about you…..but I’m tired of being labeled. I’m tired of being stereotyped. I’m tired of being expected to have injuries that are completely visible. I’m really tired of folks looking at medical cannabis folks as criminals.

I’m tired of “You don’t look sick”.

I have been tired of many of these things for many years. NOW? It’s even more important to me.

We are at a very important crux in our industry – not just in Colorado – but Nationally. I see it as a huge simmering steam cooker – and the pressure is building. That puppy is bouncing across the strove in a hot dance – and people’s lives are at stake.

Something has GOT to give.

That’s what Irvin Rosenfeld and I are trying to do here folks. Help change happen. Bring integrity and respect to you – and patients everywhere. That is exactly why we are publishing Colorado Connect – and maintaining the guidelines we do.

The “Culture Club” as I call them – has their place. In my opinion – that is NOT on Capitol hill, town council meetings, or in political offices or legislative session when it comes to medical cannabis.

Let me show you an example from my own experience. This is a video straight from Montana’s 62nd Legislative session. I had distributed Montana Connect to all 150 members of our session the previous Wednesday. This was a floor session hearing to repeal our medical marijuana law in Montana the following Saturday.

“This isn’t what the voters voted for…..” the specific part I’m talking about starts at 1:45 into the video.

I was very happy they didn’t use Montana Connect to beat us up. Why didn’t they? We had a CRAZY session full of prohibitionists looking for any and every reason to take away our law – and they never once used Connect Magazine as an example to get rid of it……because it IS representing what the voters wanted.

No matter how you or I feel about Cannabis – we have a fight – EVERY DAY. We have to represent EVERY DAY. We have to have respect – and educate them.

Business owners – your success DEPENDS on what happens politically. I ask you – do you want a publication you can hand out and educate politicians with? A publication you can be proud of handing to someone without having to explain culture?

Point in fact here is – we also need to reach outside our current market – and many professionals I speak to simply want nothing to do with the culture club. If we want to tap into that market – we need to represent respectfully – and responsibly.

That is what Connect Magazine will do for you. I’m also telling you folks – Connect magazine is not for everybody. There are some folks I will not allow to advertise under any circumstances. I have a list of banned advertisers – because after my own investigations I have determined they are detrimental and hurt us. There are certain individuals and businesses you will NEVER see on the pages of Connect Magazine. I will not lead a patient to them to be hurt. I have voided a $1000 check from one such individual in Montana for Montana Connect. I will hold the same guidelines in Colorado Connect.

We’re here to protect you and help you folks. Bring you respect and integrity.

720-326-6577  ~  ~  @CoConectMe

I look forward to your feedback – and to you joining our team. Let’s build a GREAT industry, reach out and gather as many new customers and patients as we can, and effect CHANGE

It’s time…..dontcha think?

Colorado Connect is also looking for staff. Folks who believe as we do – and can perform in a professional setting. Represent in a professional setting. We need folks who eat, sleep, and breathe medical cannabis – and who truly want to effect change. Please contact Hiedi Handford at any of the contacts above and have a resume ready.

2 Comments to “It’s time for Change”

  1. Heidi, I couldn’t have said it any better, medical cannabis is all about the patients. The culture club organizations are definitely hurting the patients in need and definitely give cause to the prohibitionists.

  2. Can we all support Ron Paul now? I personally would like to keep my business! Keep in mind he is not really a republican by the current definition, he is a libertarian. Why should we have to explain this to politicians, if they are not wise enough to see that the current system does not work than they should not be in office!

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