Cannabis Health News Magazine

We have print in copy – and I’m helping Jason to get it out. I’ll be out in the field today. Please call me if you want CHNM in the Denver area – and I’ll drop some by.


Jason and I are working together on some things – and one of them is bringing MEDICAL to our industry. Great info inside folks.

Read up – and call up – let’s get it out to the masses!

Jason and I are shooting to be out on shelves in alternate months – so you folks always have something to read – and share.

Watch for the advocacy work we’re doing too! I would also ask that folks start letting both of us know about folks in trouble. Jason went through his lawsuit with a few supporters (excellent for the time) but now – with the proliferation of an industry – we see a need for unity – and support for those who may be under prosecution.

We will fight and offer support to keep folks OUT of jail – but we have to know who they are and what the charges are. Be sure to have them contact either one of us.

Have a great day folks!

See you on the streets!


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