Hello Colorado!!??!! We have a PROBLEM!!!

Anybody see this??

Panelists note rise in teen pot use

AG Suthers criticizes state medical marijuana policies

John Stroud
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Dr. Paul Salmen of Glenwood Springs, center, was one of three panelists at a forum Tuesday, “The Presence of Medical Marijuana and Our Kids,” held at the Glenwood Springs Community Center. The other two panelists were Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, left, and Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson.

Dr. Paul Salmen of Glenwood Springs, center, was one of three panelists at a forum Tuesday, “The Presence of Medical Marijuana and Our Kids,” held at the Glenwood Springs Community Center. The other two panelists were Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, left, and Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson.
Kelley Cox Post Independent
GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — Marijuana use among adolescents has been a concern for many decades, but never more so than since the advent of Colorado’s medical marijuana industry in recent years, according to a panel of speakers at a community forum Tuesday night.Debbie Wilde, executive director of YouthZone, which deals with at-risk youth from Aspen to Parachute, said 10 percent of their youth clients surveyed report using marijuana at least once a month.That’s 50 percent higher than for youth across the United States. Locally, the number of youth using marijuana daily has increased 50 percent in recent years, she said.And, by and large, she said they admit getting the drug from medical marijuana patients.“Medical marijuana has increased access for youth, and created a perception that it’s OK,” Wilde said.The informational forum on medical marijuana and its impact on youth was sponsored by YouthZone, local health and business organizations and the Roaring Fork School District.More than 200 people, including several parents who brought their children to hear the discussion, packed the Glenwood Springs Community Center meeting room.In addition to representatives from YouthZone and substance abuse programs, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers was invited to speak.Suthers offered harsh words for the state’s medical marijuana policies, which he believes has made the drug more accessible to youth.

“In my opinion, the medical marijuana regime in Colorado is nothing more than a state-sanctioned fraud on the part of several thousand patients and a few dozen doctors, in violation of federal law,” he said.

Of the roughly 130,000 authorized medical marijuana patients currently in Colorado, he said the vast majority are males in their 20s and 30s.

“Folks, that is precisely the demographic profile of recreational drug users in the state,” Suthers said.

“I’m tempted to support legalization in an effort to get away from the government hypocrisy,” he said. “But I won’t do that … because it would only increase the perception that there is no risk with this drug.”

Dr. Paul Salmen, a Glenwood Springs family physician and founder of the Youth Recovery Center at Valley View Hospital, said marijuana affects teens differently than adults.

“I’m not here to condemn medical marijuana as an evil substance,” Salmen said.

But, “marijuana in the brain of a teenager is a very different drug,” he said, noting that it affects the reward center of the brain at a time when the brain is still in a very formative stage.

“Teenagers are not using marijuana for chronic pain or for cancer, they’re using it for pleasure,” Salmen said.

Shelley Evans, who founded the Red Mountain Adolescent and Family Center in Glenwood Springs four years ago, said 100 percent of the program’s youth clients admit to marijuana use.

“Alcohol is still a problem among youth, but what we’re seeing is they’re drinking on the weekends but they’re smoking marijuana on a daily basis,” Evans said. One-fourth of the young people in the program also have parents who are medical marijuana patients, she said.

Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson said marijuana arrests involving juveniles rose from 19 in 2008, before medical marijuana became prominent locally, to 48 last year and 31 through October this year.

Just in the last year, state and local regulations were put in place to enact controls on the medical marijuana industry, including safeguards to try to keep the drug out of the hands of teenagers and others not authorized to use it. No representatives from local dispensaries or industry associations spoke at the Glenwood Springs forum.



Was ANYBODY from the Colorado Medical Cannabis Industry there? I’m not naming a group….I mean ANYBODY??

So – here in Glenwood Springs we have 200 people and the Colorado Attorney General TEARING our industry up – with absolutely no counter. No open debate – and no one in the audience brave enough to call bullshit when they see it.

THIS is the problem going on with this industry – and this is exactly why we are here – and trying to de what we do. By GOD if I had known this was going on – I would have been there in a FLASH with facts and science to counter all the lies.

We HAVE to be PROACTIVE folks! We HAVE TO get to these meetings and counter them! John Suthers should not be out campaigning against medical cannabis like he is – YOU pay HIM a salary! He represents YOU too! The laws here are the will of the voters……ALL of them – not the few he selects and chooses.

It is time to start holding your public officials accountable for their public actions.

Believe you me – Mr Suthers will be getting a phone call from Hiedi Handford. Sooner than he may know it.

You folks should all be dialing him up too……and holding him accountable. People DIE over these lies……

John Suthers – Colorado Attorney General – contact info

1525 Sherman St.
Denver, Colorado 80203
P: 303-866-4500
F: 303-866-5691

10 Comments to “Hello Colorado!!??!! We have a PROBLEM!!!”

  1. The average age has been 40+ for quite some time. He knows he is blatantly lying and yet still continues to do it. Thankfully this is his last term.

    • Yep, and I surely told him so in my letter that I e-mailed him. I also informed him, if he didn’t already know, that if he was breast fed as a baby, then his momma was the first one to offer him Endocannibinoids. Plus, that if he were truly out to help our children he would start with the sugary milks they serve our kids in school, and the Extreme Energy drinks that ANYONE can buy. They surely do more harm to our children than does cannabis.

  2. I have just sent an email to the CO Atty General sharing my story and explaining the breakdown of numbers. I’m not an activist by any means, but I can’t just sit by idly while he tears apart people who use MMJ. I might have to send you the story Mile Hi MMJ Patient to print in your next magazine. 😉

  3. I sent him an email. We need to unite and make sure that we all have a 30 second to 2 minute speech ready so we can attend these events and speak intelligently about the industry, the medicine and the facts. I also shared with him this article from Forbes Magazine. The more often we can leverage the support from influencial people like Peter Lewis – the better!


  4. 50% rise in use by teenagers? Oh, please. What scientific survey was used? One of Suther’s cronies standing on a street corner and asking ONLY teens who fit the visual profile of a marijuana smoker? No basis whatsoever for the false information Suthers wants to pass for his own personal agenda. I still can’t believe that there are people who sit with their alcohol in their hands while they find fault with marijuana smokers. I don’t drink. I don’t take prescription dedications. I prefer medical marijuana as my drug of choice. What was the problem?

    • The problem is we have a nasty group of prohibitionists on one side – and the culture club on the other. There’s no solid medical platform in between to grab the bull by the horns and straighten things out. Provide facts…..

      We’re working on that…..

  5. The problem with forums like this is you have comments from both side and the truth lies somewhere in between. I can say that as a dispensary owner, our average age of our patients is 42 years old. Does that mean we do not serve people under 30 with legal cards…..no, we do. But for the most part are patients are here dealing with issues that they are looking for some none traditional help with.
    Here are other examples of none traditional medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic medicine both of which have been in the past labeled quackery and are now almost main stream. People just need to let their emotions catch up with the science, and it is happening. Nobody except the federal government says medical marijuana does not help glaucoma patients or people going chemo therapy (my mother was going through chemo and when she went to the doctor to ask what to do about her nausea and lack of appetite the Doctor suggested Medical Marijuana and he went on to say that it is highly effective in about 70% of the people and if it does not work he had some other pills but they were less effective and more costly).
    So before we let politician practice medicine let’s get the fact straight and discuss the issues from a place of knowledge rather then from a place of fear.

  6. I have sent Mr. Suther’s a list of almost 700 peer reviewed scientific articles that demonstrate the cancer killing properties of cannabinoids, as well as their anti-metastatic properties. If he continues to say that medical marijuana is a farce, there’s something seriously wrong with him, and he should be removed from office for being incapable of understanding and accepting scientific reality. Citizens can no longer sacrifice their health because dogma overrules reality. The people have voted for medical marijuana and is the attorney general’s sworn duty to uphold our Constitution.

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