‘Operation White Out’ takes out drug ring | The Coloradoan | coloradoan.com

‘Operation White Out’ takes out drug ring | The Coloradoan | coloradoan.com.

So……this was the driving force behind the opposition in Fort Collins. This is why the Sheriff in Larimer County was all wigged out. This is why Suthers is all twitchy and making the statements he does. 19 pounds of marijuana are involved, so of course that just HAD to come from our industry now didn’t it?

Going on for the past 18 months huh?

Look closely at the faces they display in their ring. Are any of those OUR people folks?

I’d say not….but we are equated with them in Fort Collins. Every time one of the prohibitionists looks at one of us – they will see and remember this story.

Patients? Yeah….right…..we’re all just part of the cartel drug ring in the prohibitionists eyes.

You know what just KILLS me here folks? Cannabis is CURING Cancer! I was just dancing around hugging Dr Bob Melamede yesterday in Colorado Springs at the iComply/CSMCC luncheon celebrating his discoveries.

www.complywithme.com   for details and follow up to be posted soon…..

PLEASE visit www.cannabisscience.com and witness Dr. Bob’s research. You will be as excited – and I expect a full swath of Snoopy Dances across the state.

I’m Dancin!

Thank you Dr. Bob!

Saving Lives!

Proving it!

The Medical Cannabis Industry is a roller coaster of emotions. We celebrate our wins – our science – our successes. We mourn our losses – most painful are the loss of patients. We watch many die, just too sick or too late to help. We are compassionate people – wanting to do what’s right and good for people.

That’s what I see when I have the pleasure of meeting the people in this industry. We have some of the strongest – most passionate and compassionate folks you could ever meet in this world. Great hearts – hard workers. Dedicated and caring.

Pioneers in a new industry. We are pioneering a new industry folks. I have believed that for years now – and personally – I revel in it. I am EXCITED to see it. I am tickled to death every time I hear of a new success and discovery. A new product. A new patient helped.

I do Snoopy Dances all the time for you folks. For the patients. For the new people who finally see the science and learn.

This new industry is just as important to me as it is to many of you.

That’s why I do what I do. That’s why we have Irvin on board. NO other publication out there has a Federal Medical Marijuana patient on board to help us fight – help us have integrity and credibility. We HAVE to have integrity and credibility. We HAVE to fight them politically – and at the local level. We have to demand respect…..but we also have to PRESENT with respect to do that.

Colorado Connect is designed exactly for that folks. Not only will I be whacking prohibitionists in the noggin with it for years to come….but the “bad guys” in our industry too. My ban list has been developed – and there are folks I will NEVER advertise in our magazine. I have learned of many instances of deceitful behavior in Colorado – and in my own heart I cannot refer a patient to them. This industry is just TOO important and new to me and us to fool around.

I don’t go around advertising my ban list – you will never see that. That’s just tacky, disrepectful, and damaging to a new industry. You just won’t see them on our pages – or any of our staff in their shops. I maintained this principle in Montana – and have voided a $1000 check from one such advertiser.

Nobody can pay me to hurt a patient – or our industry. Not with my knowledge of it.

It’s also because of that principle that I have the contributing writers I do. They are safe in knowing they won’t be sharing the pages of a cannabis publication with anything that might embarrass them.

Patients Out of Time is a VERY important group to our industry – and they deserve respect. I confirmed Stan Garnett as a contributing writer this week. If you folks don’t know who Stan Garnett is – you have been under a rock politically. He is the Boulder County DA – and ran for Attorney General 2 years ago.

Having contributing writers such as the lineup I am developing is VERY important to me – as Colorado Connect will be distributed to EVERY senator and house rep in the state. Every town council I get an address for. These folks have GOT to get and have a credible message – a resource to learn. The newspapers are doing us NO favors – and the culture magazines? Well…they have their market – and their place.

The political arena is not one of them – not now – and not for medical.

I’m hoping to announce our new State Sales Manager next week – and I am so very excited to do so. We will also be presenting to Act4Co – MMIG – and CBA. Please see the book tour schedule on our site for dates and times.

Irvin & I hope to meet many more of you over the next week – and look forward to doing so. If you’re into the “Culture Club” thing and down for a party….well….you can come say hi – but don’t expect us to party with you. This is serious business – and we have work to do.

Our kind of fun is Advocacy and Education. We love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and seeing the exciting things you business folks are doing. We also love having a toe to toe with the opposition…..debate gets the blood pumping.

I hope you’ll join us – and I invite you to do so. Please feel free to call anytime – even if you have a problem. ESPECIALLY if you have a problem. We might be able to help. That’s what we do……we help people – and we CONNECT people.

Let’s win this fight. Let’s Connect!

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