Merry Cannabis!

and Happy Holidays to all!

Just got the tree's gonna be a COLD one!

It’s been a great three weeks. I am SO happy to welcome new Charter advertisers! I will be announcing all Charter advertisers on January 1 – with a Happy New Year Welcome.

We hope to see many of you grace our pages with your presence. The back cover is GONE….has been for months. There is one inside cover left – and the rest of it will be filled nicely – with some pretty decent providers I am very proud to know.

There’s still time to get in! You can reserve your space TODAY and through December 31 for 50% down, and the balance by January 10, right before we go to print.

Start the new year setting a standard in a politically driven trade publication. How can you possibly go wrong?

In addition – Irvin Rosenfeld will be returning to state. We have confirmed dates for January 25-29 and plan on attending MMAPA’s Ganja Gala.

See you there!

If there are any events going on those 5 days you think we should be at – or if you would like to have Irvin for a book tour in your shop – please call me at 720-326-6577

We have some GREAT content lined up – and pretty amazing contributing writers. Some you would never find in another “culture” publication – as they felt it might threaten their careers. We are so excited to introduce everybody in the first issue – and move on to empowering women in the second. We can’t WAIT for that issue! We’re going to knock your socks off!

In the spirit of the holidays – we are also offering free subscriptions valued at $24.95/year. Colorado Connect will be mailed under private cover – to protect the recipients privacy. This is a great tool for you to reach out to those you want to educate and get it into their hands privately, and respectfully, to educate, and showcase what we do, and who we are. We want to take the fear factor out of medical cannabis – and bring new patients across your thresholds. Increase our red card numbers in state by educating the people to our alternative health choice.

New patients are scared to walk in your doors folks, that’s just a FACT, and a group we need to reach out to. I took a 61 year old patient to Robin Hackett at BotanaCare as I knew she would feel comfortable there and honestly, she needed the personalized care she was given. We will have a new patient coming into the ranks in January when I take her to her Dr appointment. MANY folks are curious and DESPERATE for help, and without the proper education model we can deliver to their hands – we’ll never get to them, or get them in your doors unless we represent professionally, decrease fear, and promote integrity and credibility.

We can have that market folks, we just have to approach them correctly, and responsibly. We NEED that market!

By the way – I introduce new patients to our industry all the time – and connect them to providers where they’re needs can be met. Please be sure to contact me sometime – so we can talk about your shop – I can visit and get a feel of your atmosphere – and refer accordingly. The larger base I have to refer to – the better for the patient. Many of you have wonderful skills and all approach things with their own methodology. Patients do too – and when they find the right match – I rejoice for all. It is so very important that patients feel safe, and comfortable.

I have started a contest for advertisers. I am copying the e-mail content here:

Hey folks – Merry Christmas!

I just updated my contact list – so many of you may be new to my e-mails.

Let’s just do a brief re-cap for everybody. Colorado Connect is a sister publication to Montana Connect, our professional cannabis industry magazine.  My team and I have been involved in Colorado for over a year now building and watching regulation settle in. Why wait and watch?  Well….we needed to see who made it through regulation – and who, quite honestly, didn’t.  We are here to set a standard.  To pioneer and industry and SHOWCASE medical cannabis in Colorado educating folks in a responsible manner.  I’ve brought Irvin Rosenfeld, a federal medical cannabis patient, on board as co-editor and as a stockbroker in his day to day life, we cannot compromise his integrity when he’s lending it to our cause.  Please be sure to visit my site, Http://CoConnect.Me and meet Irv and see what the new Colorado Connect is all about.

Colorado Connect was designed for the medical cannabis industry in particular, and will represent in the most professional manner.   Colorado Connect will be distributed outside of the medical cannabis community and will be mailed under private cover to protect patient privacy.  It will be mailed to every member of the Colorado Legislative session and all town council members we can get addresses for.  We aim to get it on newsstands in the health and wellness section.  We’ll be sending it to representatives in DC, as well, to be used as a tool to educate politicians.  You folks get to show them what we do – and how compassionately and passionately we do it!  You’ll get to showcase the medicine, and the science.
Ok…so I have blathered on for the new e-mail folks I added….where’s the “Merry Christmas” part, right?

Well – each and every person who responds to this e-mail with their mailing address and phone number will get a free subscription mailed to you directly (a $24.95 a year value).  Merry Christmas!  Can’t wait ‘til you see it and I look forward to your feedback and participation.

In addition – I have a contest to offer. This is for business owners only – and will run through 12/31/2011 with the Charter advertising rates.

There’s another way you win. You get our message directly into the hands of the people who you want and need to see it at no cost to you.  You can get it to your town council, prospective legislators and senators, and outside your current market. We are taking medical cannabis to a very professional level.

Our message is VERY important to us….and we need to increase support for this wonderful plant.  Colorado Connect is a professional way we can achieve that.  This is a publication.  You’ll feel confident displaying it in your store, and sharing with family and friends who “may not be sure” about what it is you do.

So – here’s what you do if you wish to participate and win some credits – and change some opinions.   You can win credit towards advertising in the second issue of Colorado Connect.

·         1st Prize: $300

·         2nd Prize: $200

.         3rd Prize: $100

Reply to this e-mail and ask me for the form.  I will send them out every night.  I will also be out in field through Thursday.  If you call me at 720-326-6577 or 406-594-7932 and I am close or free – I will drop a form by.

PUT YOUR BUSINESS NAME ON IT – then make photocopies – and start collecting.  Have your office staff collect as they sell and conduct business.  Use the subscription as a gift for your patients.

This is the time to add your local town council, committee members, or school organizations. Yes….I said school organizations.  We are educating educators too.  Decreasing fear about our industry.

As you fill a page – please e-mail it in to me.  To eliminate duplicates of entries I will be tracking them by when I received what sheet from whom.

Just be aware, I am the lone Mohican performing data entry and if all y’all flood me over New Year’s – I will be swamped, and maybe slightly crabby about it.  It will also eliminate any addresses you collected that were duplicates that someone else close to you may have submitted previously.

Yup – it’s a competition!

So…get your office staff on it – call or e-mail with questions.  Get your form from me or Randy Good. You can call him at 720-840-5028 or e-mail him at

Irvin has sweetened the deal too!  Many of you may know this – many may not – but we bring Irvin Rosenfeld to Colorado for book tours – and we just confirmed dates for the next tour!

Irvin Rosenfeld will be in Colorado January 25-29 working on Colorado Connect and conducting book tours in Colorado.

If you want to book Irvin (there is a 5 book purchase requirement), he has agreed to waive that fee for the top three winners!

So you can win advertising credit and a free booking of a Federal Patient in your shop!  That’s $100 value right there.

For those of you who are interested in booking Irvin during those dates, please contact me at or
call 720-326-6577.

I will be starting a patient contest after the new year – so you folks get to collecting!

Don’t forget – Charter rates EXPIRE – DEAD – FINITO 12/31/2011. We go to print on the 15th. After the first issue is printed – rates will be going up 20%.

LOCK yours today folks – NO WHINERS if you miss the low rates.

Merry Christmas – and may each of you have wonderful SAFE Holidays!

Walk Proud Warriors!


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