Colorado Connect brings Irvin Rosenfeld back to Colorado

image And we will continue to bring him, as often as we can.

You see, at Connect Magazine, the medical cannabis industry MATTERS. Your success is of utmost importance. Just like Irvin has accomplished history in his fight against the Federal government, Colorado and it’s medical cannabis industry are making history on a worldwide, monumental level.

By the looks of it, it appears the Feds want to play in Colorado now too.

There are a lot of challenges ahead as regulation of the industry is ushered into the new year. Legislative session has started. There’s a lot of tweaking to be done. You folks have got to be allowed to bank, and conduct your business without threat.

So many issues to cover, so many threats and perceived threats around every corner.

The infighting doesn’t help either folks. I have witnessed quite a bit over the past year in Colorado, as has Irvin, and have to be completely honest here. Any of you who are participating in the in fighting and at times utter brawls, we’ll….you ain’t doing the industry, and even more importantly the patients, any favors whatsoever. I ask you now at this time to think outside of whatever box your in, and look around at this great state and what you have accomplished here. Look at your neighbor as a fellow warrior in this fight to free the plant, and save folks lives.

You DO realize that’s what you’re doing, don’t you? Saving lives? SO many folks depend on you for your services, your strength, your wisdom. New patients, and even experienced patients are yearning for more knowledge all the time. They want to know how to help themselves. What works? Why did this happen? What pills can I eliminate?

There are so many passionate folks out here too. Folks who feel very strongly about what they do, and some have pretty interesting ways of expressing it. There is a beauty in that, and I hope you folks can see it. Within every person is their own skill set and abilities. Every body has ay least one thing they are very good at, have a good voice in this area, good skill set in an area where they are needed.

Use that to your advantage! When folks are good at one thing, have them focus on that. Try to view your “Frenemies” as just that…..and agree to disagree. No need for tactical warfare……there’s enough threat of that from the Feds folks. It takes up way too much time and energy too.

Think about it……

This time with Irvin’s trip, we have a few events planned. We will be scheduling a few book tours with MMD’s, but folks…….we are building Colorado Connect and asking for your support. Colorado Connect has opportunities for each and every one of you to reach outside, and showcase what you do. Document the miraculous history you are evolving, and promote and protect you folks in any way we can.

No other publication out there offers what we do, or has strategized or set up the lineup of contributing authors we have. No other publication out there is positioned to fight politically, both at the state and national level. We encourage you….look at what we are offering. Call us. Ask.

Irv will be in Colorado and available for appointments and bookings from January 21-26. January 27 we will be spending the day in Colorado Springs, and attending Bob Crouse’s court hearing. We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

The calendar is filling up! Be sure to call and get your spot.

Hiedi 720-326-6577
Irvin 954-536-9011

See you at the Ganja Gala January 27. We wouldn’t miss that one….and changed flights to make it!

Walk proud Warriors!

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