My letter to the Colorado legislative body


My name is Hiedi Handford. I am writing to you to introduce myself, my trade publication Colorado Connect, and one of the Federal patients involved in the Federal IND Compassionate use program for medical marijuana that has been in existence since 1977.

I am a Colorado native with a Montana upbringing. My family homesteaded Conifer back in the late 1800’s. I was born in Greeley in 1966. The Fields name runs deep in Weld County. I am proud of both of my heritages, as my Father raised me in Montana from 1977 to adulthood, yet always kept us connected to our roots in Colorado. Over the past 14 months I have spent a majority of my time in Colorado working between both states and performing advocacy in Montana and Colorado as well as on a National level. It has been a sheer pleasure getting reacquainted with this great state that runs so rich with my own heritage.

I am also a medical cannabis patient, and publisher of a trade publication for the medical cannabis industry. My publication is a professional publication citing science and fact with no exploitation of patients or women, or support of modern culture. When I became a cannabis patient, there was very little out there to learn from, and absolutely nothing professionally done and absent of culture and offensive material. I am proud to have published Montana Connect, and look forward to Colorado Connect showcasing and professionally representing the industry and history we are making in Colorado. I will be getting a copy of the charter issue to you, and look forward to your feedback.

There are some wonderful and amazing folks in this industry, and it will be my pleasure to introduce you to those we consider to be the finest in our industry. We have found those we consider to be the “best of the best” for our featured stories and charter advertisers.

We aim to set a standard.

We pledge to give you a professional, honest representation of medical cannabis in Colorado.

We will be introducing you to medical cannabis in Colorado in the charter issue, and in the second issue you will meet another piece of Colorado history that runs deep and strong in the Colorado history books. I cannot wait to publish that story, it knocks MY socks off!

In Colorado Connect you will meet the Pioneers in the medical cannabis industry in Colorado in every issue. Every issue will have a featured MMD, and we will take you beyond the locked doors you see from the street. You will meet the pioneers of medical cannabis, pioneers just like those who founded our great state, and fought against all odds to stake a claim and make an honest living. We will take you to the front lines of science and fact. Learn all about the endocannabinoid system, the medicine of cannabis. Meet patients and witness how their lives have changed.

In addition, meet Irvin Rosenfeld, Co-editor of Colorado Connect and longest surviving Federal Medical Cannabis patient in the nation. Irvin has been a stockbroker in Fort Lauderdale Florida for 25 years. Irvin has received medical cannabis from the Federal government for 29 years.

To learn more of Irvin’s story, please visit for a brief video introduction. Also, please feel free to google his name. There are thousands of stories.

Irvin and I will be visiting the Capitol this week to visit with the legislative body. There are many issues we would like to discuss with many of you, and we hope you will reach out to us. We will be in the Capitol Tuesday and Wednesday mornings of this week, and we have advocacy work to do for leukemia patient Bob Crouse in Colorado Springs this Friday January 27. We will be available to you by phone at all times. We will also be collecting more charter advertisers to showcase for you, as we hope to help bridge a gap in communication betwen the medical cannabis industry and it’s political body by being a professional representation and voice for the medical cannabis industry in Colorado.

We have Irvin’s integrity to protect when we represent this industry, so it is very important to us that the providors we feature and showcase in Colorado Connect be leaders in the industry on every level from compliance, care of plants, care of customers, and product quality and safety. Many patients in the medical cannabis industry are very sick folks, and we stress patient safety at all times.

It is our hope you will find Colorado Connect, Irvin, myself, and my staff a breath of fresh air to the medical cannabis industry in Colorado. We hope to open dialogue, and compel you to please, in any and all of your legislative effort, always remember the patients and their safety.

A big part of that safety is the MMD’s and licenced providers at every level that have been established to meet their needs. With the Federal threat underway, it is even more important now than ever before that you folks reach deep down inside and fight for the historical laws and regulation that have been established in Colorado.

You folks have made history!

Please do not let all of your hard work, or the blood sweat and tears of the MMD and all licensed providers who sacrifice so much every day to provide an alternative health care means to so many, fall prey to Federal prohibitive tactics. This unjust battle has been waged long enough against the sick and infirm, and Colorado is pioneering the way to change.

I am so very proud to be here to document the history being made. I sincerely hope you are very proud of the work lain before you, and that you will fight with all your power to maintain what has been accomplished.

Thank you for all of your hard work and effort. It does not go unrecognized.

Please feel free to contact myself or Irvin at the following:

Hiedi Handford 720-326-6577 Irvin Rosenfeld 954-536-9011 or

Also, listed below is more information.

I encourage you to please visit to meet the true pioneers of medical cannabis on a national level, and folks whom I personally consider to be the most credible in the nation when it comes to medical cannabis.

Patients Out of Time hosts a medical cannabis conference for medical professionals every two years. These conferences are offered both at the time of live conference and in online format as continuing education credits sanctioned and approved by the American Medical Association and American Nurses Association in medical cannabis education.

Our next conference is this April, please make it a point to attend if you can. I encourage you to look through the site, and be sure to see our list of supporters. I believe you will be amazed, and delightfully pleased to be presented with such a credible resource.

Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to more time with you, hopefully in the immediate future. Irvin will be leaving Colorado on the 28th of January, with plans to return in March. He will be available to you via phone and e-mail when not in state. I hope you will take advantage of the resource, and give either one of us a call. We will be more than happy to help in any way we can.

Let’s Connect!

Hiedi Handford
Founder/Director Colorado & Montana Connect Magazine
PO Box 797
Broomfield, CO 80038

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