Let’s talk Politics


I have been considered “Conservative with a Liberal Flair” for some years now.

My birthday is November 2, election day.

I have voted since I turned 18. Never miss an opportunity.

Politics are important to me, and our future. These folks are not just paid to represent us, but they are trusted. Trusted to work for our interests. Trusted to take their Oath of Office, and represent it accordingly at all times. They are trusted to be the voice of their constituents.

Trust – that’s a pretty big thing. When you are betrayed by your politicians, it is very hard to ever give it again. When you have a good one, it is hugely important to support them, communicate with them, and keep them in office. Do all you can. Donate, get a yard sign. You do know that “He with the most yard signs wins” don’t you?

It’s all about the money and marketing of the politicians. Yes, I said marketing. They are marketing themselves, their name, their opinion and views. My favorite piece of Ron Paul marketing is the image above highlighting “Love”. He has used it for years, and it fits.

I went to the Ron Paul stop in Denver Tuesday. Holy Cats there were a lot of folks there! There could have been many more. I was pleased with the diversity of the crows, the energy in the room. It was so inspiring.

“Our” people were there too. Scattered amongst the crowds. I was so proud to see familiar faces, and support for this candidate.

Ron Paul – Consistent – Authentic – The candidate to affect change – in my opinion anyway.

This country is screaming for change. The Occupy movement is great evidence of that. Mainstream media suppresses so much that we never see or hear about.

They suppress us.

They suppress Ron Paul.

I encourage dialogue here folks. It’s important we discuss who we want as president, and get behind them.

I’m going to look back here politically for a moment, to a race that happened two years ago. That race was your race for Attorney General. Stan Garnett vs John Suthers.

Stan Garnett lost that race by maybe 2000 votes. It was a very small margin, yet a very painful one for me to watch, as I followed it closely from Montana. Remember, I’m a native, it matters to me.

Stan Garnett should have won that, and if he would have, we would be in an entirely different position in Colorado with this industry. Where John Suthers travels across Colorado speaking against our industry, Stan Garnett never would have dreamt of such a thing. He realizes the value of the medicine, and would have been there to fight the Federal Government right now, in these times of distress.

When I met with Stan to confirm his support in Colorado Connect as a contributing writer, I told him I felt that our industry had let him down. we could have hoisted him into that office, and he could have been protecting us and patients now.

THIS is the importance of politics in our movement. Supporting those who support us. In any way we can.

I know there are many more like minded folks out there who are conservative like myself. I also know there are a lot of liberals out there too. Irvin has been for years. We will approach both views in Colorado Connect, and voice opinions from all sides.

Point is, we can all work together, and by doing so, become much stronger politically.

I hope you will join us. I hope you will have dialogue. I know folks support Obama, and will choke on this post.

Please folks, I encourage you, read up and visit Ron’s site before you turn your nose up. We need to be single issue voters to win this fight, and hold them to it.


Obama betrayed us, and still continues to deny answering ANY questions, or supporting his campaign promise regarding medical marijuana. He is allowing the Federal threat to ensue, in a regulated state.

Please see this too:

LEAP Officer has highest ranked question for Obama and is censored

Let’s talk about it.






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