Boulder OK’s 9-month moratorium on marijuana businesses

I attended the Boulder City Council meeting. I was pleased to see quite a few bodies there to represent our industry.

There could have, and in my opinion should have, been more.

We have folks in the Boulder City Council who have no idea what they are doing. They are drowning in paperwork, and only 3 of the city council members have set foot into one of the very businesses they are attempting to regulate.

I asked for a show of hands of the council members who had set foot in one of your businesses. I only counted three, and NEITHER of the city attorneys had set foot in one either.

Well folks….that in itself is a crime. Guess what? WE have to do something about it.

I’m going to help you. I hope you will participate.

First, each and every Boulder business person MUST develop and maintain contact with Council members. Now…I’m not talking every day, cram their mailbox full, drive them crazy. I’m talking responsible, well thought discussions re: medical cannabis and this new industry we are pioneering.

Determine your District, and which City Rep is “yours”. Contact the other businesses in your area, and communicate, and share your communications with city council members with your peers. This way, one of you in your District may see or catch something omitted in another’s e-mail or communication, and address that concern in theirs.

It streamlines process, and shows cohesiveness. It shows that you folks really are concerned business people.

In addition, it makes a more united front on your approach.

We may not all share the same values, but we have the same goals. Protecting our livlihoods, and helping the patients. Please keep this in mind as we move forward.

Also, once you get your districts areas organized, have one person from each district sign up and agree to attend one city council meeting per year, or however often you need to attend. Have that information available to ALL Districts and members, so you may contact them if folks are watching online. The folks watching online can text and e-mail their thoughts or comments to the folks in the meeting.

Bookmark this site: Boulder City Council

Personally, I feel it is imperative you folks get them into your shops, and touring the facilities. They are trying to regulate and license a business they know absolutely nothing about. If and when you DO get them in your shop, be sure to have a few of your BEST well spoken patients there to discuss things with them.

Also, use that client base! They care about what happens to you. Motivate them. Encourage them to communicate with the city and help educate the council and city attorneys. Once it becomes personal for them, they might develop more of an interest.

Now, what I write today is geared specifically for the Boulder crowd. That does not mean YOU, wherever you are – should not. You should be too! You can replicate this exact same thing wherever you are, and you NEED to.

This moratorium in Boulder started as an “Emergency” moratorium. If there would have been one person there from our side, they may have been able to intercept the whole “emergency” idea.

If you are out there in a remote area, in a small town, well….you may be the lone mohican. I lived in a very small town in Montana for 17 years, I know how they are. You gotta have a tough hide to live in a small community for the first two years, and even after you get through the “trial period” they test you. It’s just the way it is.

So, if you are in this position, just stay on it. When you first go to meetings, feel it out. See how the community behaves in a public meeting. Do not be the “elephant in the room” the first few meetings by being too opinionated, or pushy. You are already an elephant just by being there.

It’s important you are though. All of you. You folks have all worked SO hard and been SO financially horsewhipped in EVERY arena, you simply cannot give up and let them take that away from you, in any way.

Being involved in city and town council is part of that.

Did you ever think…..they might NEED you, whether they want to admit it or not?

They do. They need your business knowledge, your communication, and the praise for their work too.

It’s easy to sneer and think “yeah…those assholes……” but HAVE you been there? Or do you only show up when there’s an issue pertaining to you? Do you realize your opinion and help could be needed on many other community issues? Even just by being present, you may be able to allow somebody else in your community a few more minutes at the microphone by giving them yours, so they can present in a professional manner and completely express their point.

This will also endear you to other community members. They will get to know you too.

This is a HUGE undertaking, and it affects SO many on so many levels.

PLEASE folks, be proactive. Also, educate every chance you get.

Every time you go to a meeting, think “How many folks can I educate today?”

Go get em! Hold your head high! Walk Proud!

Please, feel free to call any of the staff with Colorado Connect to assist in your area.

We’re here to help you.

Let’s Connect!

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