Boy of Steel Cancer free – Again

Yup – you read that right.

Cash Michael Hyde is Cancer Free – again.

My hero is only 3 feet tall

On Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Cash Michael Hyde was in Salt Lake City for a follow up MRI to check the status of his brain tumor. A PNET brain tumor he has been battling for almost 2 years.

For the second time in a row, Cashy has beat his tumor, and is in remission.

The Boy of Steel is Cancer Free!

How many people do you know that beat cancer once, nonetheless twice?

At THREE years of age?

Congratulations and hugest of blessing upon his parents Mike and Kalli for being the strong parents they are, and fighting so diligently to save their son’s life with an alternative option.

Thank heavens for the cannabis oil that saves Cashy’s life.

Be vigilant in your duties Pioneers……your efforts are important to people just like Cashy and his family EVERY day! Act responsibly! Keep up the great work!

And to all the politicians out there…….please support the Hyde family, and many other families out there just like them.

We are here to save children’s lives, not take them away.

Love and blessings to all…..I’m off to celebrate on the ride back to Montana with the Hyde’s.

I love them all so very much. Better be a BIG box of Kleenex on board as we will all be so HAPPY!


Please Read Cashy’s story HERE:

Please visit their foundation and help support Cash HERE:

13 Responses to “Boy of Steel Cancer free – Again”

  1. Congratulations!!! The only problem is….was there any indication of what caused it in the first place? Hope it stays gone this time!

    • Cashy’s original tumor in 2010? I do not know. Not sure the Hyde’s know what caused it.

      The second tumor he beat again was a direct result of lawmakers in Montana. Senate Bill 423 is very prohibitive, and there is no way to operate under the current law without being in jeopardy, no matter the interpretation.

      Cashy was cancer free last July. His tumor returned in October, after the law was in full effect, and folks had dialed everything back to attempt compliance.

      SB423 in no way promotes fighting cancer, or making oil. We call it the “black market bill” or “repeal in disguise”.

      If anybody can assist in Montana, please contact me. We can use all the dogs in the fight we can get.

      I’ll do anything to save this little boys life, and pursue any politician to help him.

      I hope others will too.

  2. Whooohoooo!! Give my little monkey man a Big Kiss and Hug for me… as well as Colt, Kali and Mike.

    One Love…. Just made my Year!

  3. YAY CASHY! So happy to hear the news! Thanks for sharing Hiedi

  4. Blessings, dear child. Your smile brings light to dark places.You are an inspiration and a joy.
    Thanks, Heidi, for sharing this story. You are doing great work.

  5. This is the best news! So happy for the little guy and his family! Thanks for being there for them and telling those who would listen about his fight and his big WIN.

  6. What a feel good story to come across on a Friday. Cash just proved how important of a plant cannabis is and this oil saved his life 🙂 i wish the whole world could embrace its miraculous properties… Love from South Africa

  7. So happy for the family and for an adorable courageous little man. Even Pooper’s tail is wagging like crazy!

  8. so happy for you, brave family !


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