Frustrating Friday

I’m actually writing this post on a Sunday night, as I really wanted to chew on things in my mind after my phone conversations I had on Friday.

Last week – I dealt mainly with supportive services to our industry. Folks who are not directly involved, but rather offer services you need to perform your business every day. Executives and business people who care very deeply to see Colorado succeed.

Well……let me tell you folks, I have thought long and hard about this all weekend.



See those images above? That was what I experienced when speaking with supportive services last week. Friday was of particular interest, as folks really laid out their frustrations.

And it wasn’t about me….it was about the Colorado Medical Cannabis Industry.

More directly – YOU – the business owners in Colorado. MMC, MIP, and staff.

Now….I’m not going to lay down this “you know who you are” crap. I hope all of you will look at this as constructive criticism, and work to fix the issues within your business, and interactions with the public and supportive services.

Don’t shoot the messenger either. I promised at LEAST five executives who deal with supportive services to our industry I was going to write this.

Here goes, starting with the biggest complaints first:

  • Pay your bills – from the smallest to the largest – get it done. These folks committed their services to you, and have mouths to feed and bills to pay.
  • BUDGET – figure your monthly budget and stick to it. Look at it honestly, project for your future, and trim the fat.
  • Live within your means.
  • When you make an appointment with somebody, keep it, and be on time. If you are going to be late, be courteous and call. Many people schedule appointments throughout the day, and simply cannot wait for you.
  • Work on COLORADO. So many folks around the nation are looking TO Colorado, and many folks in Colorado are looking outside the borders. Perfect THIS regulated industry and make it shine before you look to reach outside. It is imperative Colorado succeed, and lead the nation.
  • Get serious about your business, and treat it as one. If you are not involved with a trade group – GET INVOLVED.
  • If you have a personal beef with another business owner, deal with it or WALK AWAY. Infighting and back-stabbing helps no one, and harms patients in the long run.
  • Get your patients more involved. Session is in gear – have them all Facebooked and Tweeted up – and ask for action on the hill. Educate them about the current events and bills. Ask them to be involved, write letters, testify, and advocate for their medicine in any way they can.
  • YOU TOO! Get Facebooked and linked and tweeted to all the groups you need to be associated with to share the news. Then – SHARE THE NEWS. If you don’t have time, delegate the responsibility to staff, and ensure they do it.
  • DELEGATE – Delegate duties folks! Organize! Don’t try to own every little faction. The stress from not delegating duties to staff and trying to do it all yourself will not only make you batshit crazy, but will eventually erode your business.
  • How about not be so impaired, or have impaired folks working in your business. It is against regulation to medicate on site. While not a frequent issue in many businesses, in a select few it is a daily problem.
  • Act responsibly. Please
  • Encourage your clients to act responsibly.
  • What’s up with the waste? The recent stories in the news left many supportive services folks very frustrated. Bad press like that is completely un-necessary.
  • Support each other! We all have different views, and one method may work, another may not. If you cannot agree with a person – DO NOT tear them up publicly in any way. Keep it to yourself and your close group – and walk away. Practice professional courtesy. Agree to disagree.
  • PUBLIC FORUMS – Whoo boy. I was told about it – and sent examples of public forum comments – and even witnessed some myself. Holy cats people – WE are not the only ones who read those! When commenting online – be respectful, and responsible. If you have folks who are “trolls” or keep a fight going – DO NOT COMMENT. You feed them – and it goes on and on and on……comment respectfully, and responsibly. People are watching ALL the time. Don’t embarrass yourself or us, please.

I spent a majority of Monday morning reviewing this with the same folks I spoke with last week, and they are very happy to have me voice these opinions.

I may have some to add – as I did not get to my full list, as folks were so frustrated last week many needed to vent too. Stay tuned.

I hope to see comments – and feedback. One of the common statement from support service folks was “Why don’t they ever call us back? We’re here to HELP them? Why are we reciting regulation to them? It should be the other way around?”

Answer them folks – here’s your opportunity.

Please understand – in NO WAY is this intended to start a war or feud. It is CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM from professionals who care about YOU.

If you find yourself offended by anything in this post, my question would be “What are YOU doing on the list that offends you so much to take it so personal?”


Folks – you have a job people across our nation would LOVE to have. Please PROTECT IT AT ALL COSTS! What happens in Colorado is paramount to the rest of the Nation.

The Nation is watching.

Let us help you…….

3 Comments to “Frustrating Friday”

  1. I don’t know if I can agree with all the feedback above. I’m sure many business to business relationships may experience the same frustrations, especially during a recession. Natural market forces will take care of poor business people, but some of these points are very relevant – like joining a local industry group, being positive about others, and advancing Colorado as the pinnacle of cannabis industry.

  2. This is a comment I got from an MMC provider who had troubles getting the post on the blog. Glad to open dialogue here. If anybody else has issues and wishes me to post – I will. No names – just honest discussion.

    If it helps us – I am VERY ready to allow venting for all! I just hope to find a way to help everybody, and make Colorado the best it can be.

    Received today – as follows:

    I read the last bit of info you sent and want to state that some of the points are valid but….

    Hard to pay bills when the regulations and gov’ts take it all. As for a budget, that was thrown out two year’s ago with the ever changing BS from the govt entities. It is impossible to project anything in this industry, with the constant changes and sales swing from day to day. I just had to pay $2500.00 for a mechanical vent plan drawing of a 4″ pre-existing fan that I did not even install for my city and the “local licensing authority”!!!!

    And I am supposed to get involved with an industry group, pay them money, and for what???? all of these groups have just as much as an agenda as do most of the politician’s and it is NOT ABOUT THE PATIENT only self interests. And what have these groups done for the industry. Lobby to regulate us all out of business. Fight with the state over stupid rules that do not effect the feds. 1284 and guidelines SB184 good vendor’s license – REALLY???!!! How much did the MMIG spend to lobby this bill? I could tell them much better things to spend money on, like Washington DC lobbyist! I do not see a single industry group doing anything to protect this industry and the feds shutting us all down by Dec 2012 (Maybe this was the end of the world that the Mayans talk about!!). Every MMC owner know that you are TRULY ON YOUR OWN!!!!! Listen to what our professional’s are saying above. And what are they doing to help the industry? – hoping that it succeeds, really thanks for nothing!!!

    Get your patients involved, I have been trying to do that for almost three years now to no avail. The stoner’s simply do not care, they will go back to the black market in a heartbeat. One bad harvest can kill a MMC, prices need to be so low to get business in the door, it makes the business break even at best. Yet the black market is still alive and well – no overhead or very small overhead there. All these regulations in place and still nothing. illegal grows all over the place, centers still operating illegally, interstate trafficking, etc, etc., etc.

    I have treated my MMC as nothing but a ligit business, Paid all of my taxes on time, showed up for appts, paid my bills in a timely fashion and what has this gotten me. Threats from the feds and groups/lawyers hiding their heads in the sand and massive debt with no way out!!!!!! How about all the centers that were shut down by John Walsh’s letters, many of them were following the rules and where are they today, out of business and in debt. And what are the industry groups and lawyers say, “Oh just move.” Move to where, another place to get another letter in 6 months. Are the lawyers going to pay for the move, yeah, just what I thought!! No protection and no concern that the industry is dying, and all we are hearing from yet another industry group is this crap!!! It is funny that the only one out their trying to stand up for this industry is the one guy also getting ripped for doing it, Rob Corry.

    Again, some of the points above are very ligit, but several are completely out of touch with the cost of running a MMC. You do realize that the owners of some of these MMC’s may not be paying their bills at the office because of personal expenses such as food, electricity, mortgage/rent. This is my situation right now. “These folks committed their services to you, and have mouths to feed and bills to pay.” SAME HERE!!!! I am supposed to work 80 hrs a week supplying meds to people so these “executives”, these so called “committed folks”, can feed their own mouths!!! How about my 15 month old, let alone me and my wife!!!!! I also made a commitment to my patients, what about that? They made a commitment to us – NO this is not right, they ventured into business with us to make as much money as they can off of us – THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PATIENT – IT IS ALL ABOUT THE BOTTOM LINE!!! I have lived for 2+ year’s making nothing and supplying my local town with the party favor’s. I am now so far in debt that I am contemplating filing for bankruptcy!! Maybe they should have done a credit check and background investigation into these MMC owner’s that are not paying their bills before they ventured into business with them (sounds like they may deserve what they got here). The problem with this industry is that it is full of greedy stoner’s!!!! Nothing will ever change, and I gaurantee this entire industry will be dead at the end of this year!!! Only place left will be the mega corps with their crappy weed and million dollar lobbyist!!!!

    I am a MMC owner that has had it and will be closing my doors (with $250,000 in debt) without receiving a letter from John Walsh just to get out of all this BULLSHIT and away from the vultures in this industry that you so eloquently said are “executives”!!!!!!!!!!!! These executives are really part of the problem in this industry. The owners of supportive services such as MIP’s that want to rake us and our patients over the coals at 7 to 8 dollars for a bottle of soda, $6 for a tootsie roll. Pay upon delivery, no net 30, or even net 10, no lines of credit!!! Growers that are so egocentric that you cannot even work with them on any level let alone a professional manner. Yeah and yet the MMC owner’s again are the bad guys!!! THIS IS NOTHING BUT EXTORTION AND A SCAM IN AND BY THE STATE OF COLORADO!!! THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT (sarcasm for those that it got by).

    thanks for listening,

    commented by a “used to be concerned owner of a Colorado MMC, but now really can give a rat’s ass for this industry” I am starting to pray that all of this just ends and I can have my life back!!! Please send me a letter Mr Walsh, I was smart enough to place into all of my bidings a clause to release me from rent, payments if a government agency shall shut me down. COME ON LETTER, it cannot arrive fast enough, but once it does I am free and clear. If the letter does not arrive soon then it will be bankruptcy court for me!!!! SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH!!!!

  3. And another response from Supportive Services folk:

    “Heidi makes some really great points on this blog. I work for one of the companies that had input into this post and am really concerned about the industry at this point. Many of the dispensaries are starting to act like real businesses and want to make this thing work. They are active, pay their bills, and are always trying to improve.
    I hate it when we call or visit some of the facilities and some of the workers are so medicated they could not up sell their own mother. How are they going to make money if the sales people can’t even do their job. Just my opinion, but if I came to work like that I would be fired!!!
    I am sorry, but as a member of the industry, I say this:
    We need to make this a professional industry, that is the only way the Feds will even give it a chance. We need to do it by ourselves and not wait for the MMED to make their inspections and tell us what we all need. The law is out there, we need to understand it, and adhere to it so when they do come in they make their inspections and have a few issues maybe, but know that we have made the effort to be in compliance.
    Bottom line-Protect your investments, your freedom, your employees, and yourselves, be professional in your everyday business activities. We are not selling “WEED” we are selling Medical Marijuana, act like it!
    Just sayin'”

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