Welcome to Colorado Connect – YOUR Patient/Caregiver Resource for the Medical Cannabis Industry.

Currently – there are many marijuana publications out there – so you may find yourself asking “What sets Colorado Connect apart from the others?”

One word: Advocacy

With Colorado Connect you will find folks who are committed to our industry. Folks who eat, sleep, and breathe the Medical Cannabis Industry – and who will work to better it. In more ways than simply printing a magazine.

Connect Magazine staff are committed to protecting and serving our industry – fighting on a political front. Fighting for Colorado Patients and Providers on all fronts – city councils, town councils, legislative sessions.

All of the things it is so hard for the everyday industry person to attend to.

Everyday business and a multitude of laws that change every day it seems – almost fluid. Hard to stay on top of.

That is one thing I require of my staff – is to be a connection within their community. Keep their fingers on the pulse of the community – develop working relationships – and support systems. Connect folks who need to know each other – but maybe don’t because their busy every day lives just simply don’t allow for more.

The full intent and goal of Colorado Connect is to build a community across Colorado – a strong community of medical cannabis warriors. This truly is a fight we battle in today’s times.

Colorado Connect is committed to fighting for Coloradoans in the political arena as well….as that is where our biggest fight lies. Colorado Connect staff will be building relationships with their local politicians. Opening dialoge – and being a reputable source for politicians to draw from as well.

Your advertising dollars will go to more than just a printed publication. It will help support our industry – and allow us to fight for you.

Please see the other pages for advertising rates and guidelines. We guarantee nothing offensive will EVER be accepted or printed.

Please take the time to visit the other pages and look around. Get comfortable – and Connect!

4 Comments to “About”

  1. Looks great. Well done.Take this Mag Nation wide!

  2. Our state took a huge nosedive in human rights and cannabis rights when that loser senator named romer screwed our patients and caregivers to such an extreme level that few could recover but meanwhile the profiteers have built their dispensaries under the guise of people helping but they are almost all affiliated with law enforcement or are targets of law enforcement while charging high dollar for meds in a shop when the patients can get low dollar meds when they know the owners of the dispensaries. So romer caused us to lose our rights and in turn for those disabled that it has happened to, have suffered much more than what any of them would. Colorado is a shitty state full of scam artists and losers who manipulate medicine for money.

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