Advertising Guidelines

Colorado Connect will never print offensive ads or materials. We are a Medical publication – and will represent accordingly. There will be absolutely no scantily clad women in advertisements – and all content will be reviewed by myself personally.

You see – I fully believe medical cannabis needs a face lift. There are professionals out there in today’s world who have no desire whatsoever to be labeled a “pothead” or “stoner”.

There are plenty of other publications out there to address the culture aspect of marijuana.  Colorado Connect does not wish to be part of the “culture club”. We have serious work to do for seriously ill patients, and they need education and respectful representation.

I have lived by the mantra for 2 years now “If my 6th grade daughter and 74 year old father cannot read my magazine – and I cannot hand it to a politician proudly – I will not print it!”

And I won’t. It’s time to respect the patient, the plant, and all of the providers and workers out there who work so hard in a new industry. I consider every person who works in this industry a pioneer – as we are pioneering a new industry.

It needs to be respected and nurtured. Guided to the proper way of doing things (as we all figure it out together) and showcased.

The work you folks do – and the help you provide for people deserves recognition – and support.

I will not let your advertising dollars go to waste.

Another thing I promise to provide with Colorado Connect is a 60/40 mix of advertising vs content.

That’s 60% content – and 40% advertising.

Colorado Connect will have content – and lots of it – relative to Medical Cannabis in Colorado. It is not a publication to be flipped through for the pretty pictures – it is a magazine with enough content to read until the next issue comes out, and keep for a reference.

I look forward to your feedback. I also look forward to accepting content from many of you and patients as well. There are so many facets and aspects to this blossoming industry – we are always learning something new.

Let’s Connect!

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