My Medicine

Irvin Rosenfeld is a Federal Medical Cannabis Patient.

Yup folks – the Federal Government has medical cannabis patients. The Federal IND Compassionate Use program has been in place for 33+ years now.

Irvin became the second Federal Medical Cannabis Patient in 1982. Please visit his website here:

My Medicine – How I Convinced the U.S. Government to ProvideMy Marijuana and Helped Launch a National Movement.             

Meet the Team

Irvin and Hiedi teamed up in November of 2010 to promote Irvin’s book – My Medicine.

Since then – they have conducted book tours all across Montana and Colorado, with intentions to get to other states to educate and share the news about medical cannabis and its benefits. With 16 states already having medical cannabis laws and more attempting to get them – it is very important to educate the public to try to remove any negative stereotypes and connotations.

Medical Cannabis needs a facelift – Nationally.

Many folks out there rely on medical cannabis in today’s world. Many of those folks are everyday people and professionals. The feedback we have received Nationally is this:

Folks are tired of being labeled a “pothead” or a “stoner”

We can’t blame them……We are too!

Irvin and Hiedi present credible information and scientific fact. Their presentations are professional at all times and we encourage others to act responsibly and educate themselves. We encourage advocacy, and support those advocates in any way we can.

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