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June 29, 2012

Bob Crouse is NOT GUILTY!

Congratulations Bob! Not Guilty on ALL counts!

Jury selection started this past Monday – and even despite the top priority #1 fire in the nation, the Waldo Canyon Fire, which forced  Bob and his ailing mother to evacuate their home directly before the trial, and caused mass destruction to the community of Colorado Springs all week, the trial ensued.

Waldo Canyon Fire. Bob’s trial started 6-25-12. This picture was taken 6-26-12

Bob Crouse – not guilty on ALL counts!

Thank you to the Jurors, many who may have been under threat from fire and remained in their positions. Thank you to the defense attorneys – for working hard, and allowing us to educate them to help fight Bob;s case.

Thank you to the people. Friends, family, and supporters of Bob Crouse.

It has been a LONG hard ride – and Bob SO deserves the rest.

Go get better now Bob. BEAT that leukemia. Teach all them grandbabies how to fish – and enthrall them with tales of Yakky Bob.


See video from the courtroom HERE


June 24, 2012

Bob Crouse is a patient NOT a criminal

Meet Bob

Looks pretty good huh?

You may recall him from this post

Bob Crouse misplaced his leukemia

Lab results and everything. Bob has been doing a wonderful job beating his disease.

Let’s hope he can continue to do so.

You see  – the District Attorney in Colorado Springs seems to have it out for medical marijuana – and any folks who may choose to utilize medical marijuana in El Paso County.

Bob’s case goes to trial Monday morning  June 25, 2012.

I hope as many of you out there who can attend – PLEASE DO! Bob NEEDS support from as many folks as he can get – and El Pas County needs to see that prosecuting patients is just NOT RIGHT and a huge waste of taxpayer monies.

I hope as many of you out there who can attend do. It starts Monday and will more than likely go all week for certain. With the 4th of July upon us – they are going to want to wrap that case up before they have to sequester a jury for any major holiday.

There are events all week in Colorado Springs – here is an update I got from Mark Slaugh – with iComply and CSMCC

Next Monday is Bob Crouse’s Rally for Freedom as he goes on trial. They will be picking the jury that morning and it’s very important we rally as many people as we can to support Bob. Colorado Springs needs to know that we, as a community, will not stand for the prosecution of Cancer Patients who use cannabis.


Bob Crouse Freedom Rally

Monday, June 25th 2012

7am to 1pm  – El Paso County Courthouse


After the rally and first day of Trial, join Audrey for a class on nutrition.

Audrey’s Class on Nutrition
Monday June 25th 2012

7pm – Vibrant Health Clinic – 313 N. Tejon St. Ste 11, 80903

The First patient advocacy group meeting will be in July.

We will be discussing patient issues and plans of actions for many of the major issues impacting our rights; so come out.


C4CPR Patient Advocacy Meeting
Wednesday June 27th 2012

7pm – Lofty’s – Fountain and Weber, 80903

Also, we’re having our Veterans Cannabis Council meeting the next night at Lofty’s @ 7pm. Please invite your vets.
Here’s a facebook link if you haven’t liked their page yet.

VetsCann Meeting
Tuesday, June 26th 2012
7pm – Lofty’s @ Fountain and Weber, 80903

Finally, we have a CSMCC Industry Mixer next Thursday at the Warehouse Restaurant. I’ve attached the flyer for your review and we have a very important guest coming. 

Please join us to find out what the Department of Revenue is doing with the MMED and what the future looks like approaching July 1.


CSMCC June Mixer
Thursday, June 28th 2012

7pm – Warehouse Restaurant @ 25 W. Cimmaron St. 80903

Bob Crouse Life Celebration Flyer 25TH (2)


March 14, 2012

Boulder DA asks feds to back off on medical marijuana dispensaries

It’s such a crime Stan Garnett lost his run for Attorney General three years ago. He only lost by 2,000 votes or so.

Colorado would be in an ENTIRELY different position today, if Stan would have won that race.

Take heed Colorado. Be sure you get behind this man politically, and THANK HIM for his actions now.

Boulder DA asks feds to back off on medical marijuana dispensaries

POSTED:   03/14/2012 11:40:13 AM MDT
UPDATED:   03/14/2012 12:19:32 PM MDT

By John Ingold
The Denver Post

Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett has sent a letter to the top federal prosecutor in Colorado, asking the feds to drop their crack-down on medical-marijuana dispensaries that are abiding by state law.

In the letter, dated Tuesday, Garnett writes that Colorado has created a system for regulating medical-marijuana businesses that is working and argues it is not worth the federal government’s time to target dispensaries abiding by state law.

“I can see no legitimate basis in this judicial district to focus the resources of the United States government on the medical marijuana dispensaries that are otherwise compliant with Colorado law or local regulation,” Garnett wrote in the letter to Colorado U.S. Attorney John Walsh. “The people of Boulder County do not need Washington D.C. or the federal government dictating how far dispensaries should be from schools, or other fine points of local land-use law.”

Garnett’s letter comes following the most direct crack-down yet in Colorado on dispensaries by federal law enforcement officials. Earlier this year, Walsh sent letters to 23 medical-marijuana dispensaries that were within 1,000 feet of a school, ordering them to close or face civil or criminal punishment. All those ordered to do so shut their doors.

Colorado law establishes a 1,000-foot buffer between dispensaries and schools but also allows communities to vary the distance or grandfather in pre-existing businesses. All the dispensaries that received letters were apparently complying with state and local laws.

But federal law makes all marijuana possession and sales illegal. Drug sales within 1,000 feet of a school bring enhanced penalties. Walsh said he sent the letters because he’s concerned that the presence of medical-marijuana businesses near schools may be encouraging the increase the state is seeing in youth use of marijuana.

Walsh has said more letters to other dispensaries near schools are possible.

In his letter, Garnett said federal law enforcement officials should instead focus elsewhere: on terrorism, organized crime or major trafficking of hard drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine. Continuing to target dispensaries, Garnett wrote, “would be very disruptive to communities who have spent significant time and resources exercising their right of local control to balance the competing issues around medical marijuana.”

John Ingold: 303-954-1068

Read more:Boulder DA asks feds to back off on medical marijuana dispensaries – The Denver Post
Read The Denver Post’s Terms of Use of its content:


And some follow-up from the Westword:

In 2009, Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett said he wanted to be the state’s most progressive DA regarding medical marijuana, and he accepted MMJ industry support during his failed effort to defeat state Attorney General John Suthers. Unsurprisingly, then, he’s no fan of U.S. Attorney John Walsh’s seizure letters to MMCs near schools — a point he stresses in his own letter to Walsh, which asks the feds to back off Boulder dispensaries. Read it below.

In the missive, dated March 13, Garnett notes that he’s seen “the law of medical marijuana and the dispensary business develop in Colorado ever since passage of Amendment 20,” and in his view, “the industry has developed and adapted to Colorado’s statutory and local land use and regulatory schemes.” The result is “a maturing business that pays substantial tax revenue” and fits “within the fabric of this community.”

As such, Garnett continues, he has “watched with some interest as the United States government, the United States Department of Justice and the United States Attorney’s Office have issued repeated and sometimes conflicting messages about medical marijuana over the last three years, culminating in the recent comments in the March 7, 2012 Denver Post of the new SAC of DEA, Barbara Roach.” For one thing, Roach told the Post she was looking to move into a community that had banned MMJ retail operations.

john walsh photo.jpg
John Walsh.

In Garnett’s opinion, “the resources of the United States Attorney’s Office should be focused elsewhere: on terrorism, serious economic crime, organized crime and serious drug dealing (involving significant amounts of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine). I can see no legitimate basis in this judicial district to focus the resources of the United States government on the medical marijuana dispensaries that are otherwise compliant with Colorado law or local regulation.

“Accordingly…I am urging you to exercise your prosecutorial discretion to back away from the threatened criminal prosecution of medical marijuana dispensaries in Boulder County if they are compliant with state law and local land use regulations,” he goes on, adding, “In my opinion, such prosecution would serve no practical purpose, would expend important resources and would be very disruptive to communities who have spent significant time and resources exercising their right of local control to balance the competing issues around medical marijuana.”

We’ve put in a call to Garnett on this issue; if and when he responds, we’ll update this post. As for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, spokesman Jeff Dorschner says, “the U.S. Attorney received his letter late last night and is in the process of reviewing it. At the appropriate time, the U.S. Attorney will respond directly back to the district attorney.”

Dorschner points out that “our office has always had a positive working relationship with Garnett.” But he gives no hint that the letter may result in a change of policy. “Our office continues to look at the marijuana stores that are going to be the subject of phase two of this initiative,” he emphasizes. “Those letters will likely be going out soon.”

Here’s the complete text of Garnett’s letter to U.S. Attorney John Walsh.

Stan Garnett Letter to US Attorney John Walsh

February 26, 2012

Still….a LONG road ahead

The fight is just beginning.........

Cashy is Cancer Free…..again…..for now.

By no means is the fight over.

That became quite apparent to me traveling back to Montana with the Hyde’s. As I watched the reads on Cashy’s story go up, and up…….and the relief spread across the world (we have comments from as far as South Africa)………

I cringed.

Does everybody think we’re done? Do they all think Cashy and his family are home free?

I hope not, because brutal point in fact is – the fight is NOT over. Not even for a second.

Grab a Kleenex…..and read this.

PNET Brain tumors from Wikipedia

Definition – “Primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET) is a neural crest tumor.[1] It is a rare tumor, usually occurring in children and young adults under 25 years of age. After successful chemo- or(and) radio- therapy the 5 year survival rate is only 7,6-8% .[2]

“Survival – Patients diagnosed with a medulloblastoma or PNET are 50 times more likely to die than a matched member of the general population. The most recent population-based (Surveillance, Epidemiology and End-results Database) 5-year relative survival estimates are 64% in children (1-9 years) and 35% in adults (20+ years). [4]

So….yes, we can breathe easy that Cashy is cancer free – for NOW.

But this fight goes on EVERY day! Every day is the battle to find the proper, safe medicine for Cashy. Ensure he has supply, and oil rich in CBD.

There are good souls out there who attempt to donate oil. Not many, but a few brave souls. I commend their efforts, and hope to educate some folks so they understand exactly how dialed in this entire process is. Encourage folks to know what is in their garden. Test it. Buy CBD strain seeds – PLEASE. Research those seed companies, ensure they are really selling CBD rich strains.

It’s not just “fill a syringe with oil, and put it into the kid.” There are three different types of oil, used at different intervals throughout the day for different purposes. They are all tested and use absolutely NO chemical processing. Water only, and suspended in a hempseed oil. 140mg/ml to be exact.

It’s not a game here, it’s serious science.

Life saving science, dialed in with an organic diet, and parents determined to see their son live, no matter what the cost.

During the drive back to Montana, Mike and I talked for a long time. The most profound statement I heard come out of Mike’s mouth, that I wish to share is soon to follow. Let’s lead up to it a bit first……

Mike has had to search diligently for oil, and product to make oil. He has spoken to many many growers in many different states. Many caregivers in many states. Business people, scientists, doctors, and “hippies”. All walks.

You’d be surprised who is actually the most compassionate and generous. One day I hope we can tell the stories……I think you would be amazed to witness who is the bravest of all, if you don’t already know.

Point is: Cashy’s life is that important. We know we can save him with cannabis oil. We are proving it every day, with every little success, every HUGE success.

Every little smidge of help counts.

On our drive – Mike had one statement to make to anybody and everybody out there flying the medical flag.

“If you aren’t testing your products, ALL of your products, you are NOT medical. You’re just playing the game.

WE NEED to know what dosages are. People can be so generous, and want to give us oil. If that oil is processed with a chemical, and is only 30mg/ml we really can’t use it. It’s too much oil to have to ingest for treatment. We cannot and will not use chemicals on our son.

I cannot have poor product for my son. The dosages have to be right on, no matter how big their hearts are and how good their intent. Cashy’s life depends on it. I will not give my son product that has not been tested.


I cannot put his life at further risk no matter how pure intentioned the donor”

That hit home for me. Our entire conversation hit home for me.

As Mike talked about the children he had witnessed die over just the past year, my heart not only broke, but my fear for Cashy increased a hundredfold.

I witnessed Mike taking calls from those very same parents. Two called to celebrate the news while I was with Mike. Their own children had died of the very same type of tumor within the past few months, yet they were so filled with hope and excitement for Cashy and his family. Thrilled with their success. Hopeful to see one child survive of the many they personally know battling the same vicious cancer.

Ever fought cancer? Ever administered life-saving oil to a patient?

Ever made the oil to save a person’s life?

Even with a 2 oz limit – that is not near enough quantity of plant and flower material needed to make a quality oil at cancer fighting dosages. It takes roughly a pound of plant material to make one ounce of oil. If that plant material is not quality – it takes MORE. Lot’s more.

To treat Leukemia effectively in an adult, I know you need about 6 pounds of product per month – to make 3 ounces of oil – to really dose an adult, and get apoptosis into effect.

The type of tumor directly affecting Cashy’s brain is very aggressive. We all witnessed that with its recurrence in 2011.

It’s gone now. I sincerely hope it will remain gone.

Before I we go any further, I ask each and every one of you to watch this:

Define Better

What is better for our children? The general populations seems to think chemical intervention is the only way.

What does Cashy’s story tell us all?

It tells me, there is a better way, and we are well on the path to it.

Last year, Racing Horse Productions was in Montana filming a documentary. It started in the fall of 2010, and they filmed through the summer of 2011. Many of us in Montana were filmed for the movie.

I believe when it began, they had one idea of the direction they were going. As they saw what transpired, it shifted.

I am excited to see the results, and I am told it depicts what happened in our legislative session well.

It’s what we were up against – it’s what we fought.

Code of the West Trailer

See that green button they pushed there in the end of the trailer?

That was the green button for repealing medical marijuana in Montana.

That green button being pushed to kill Cashy. On St. Patrick’s Day 2011 no less.

The day after Montana politicians met Cashy at the state capitol.

We can NEVER let that happen again.


Warriors – keep up the fight! Subscribe to this blog, stay tuned. Share the postings, and share Cashy’s story.

Spread it far and wide across the world – so we can save not only Cash – but many more children just like him.

Industry people – TEST YOUR PRODUCT! Ensure your clients are getting the right medicine. Safe, with accurate dosages! No matter where you are – find a way.

People’s lives depend on it.

Also – always keep your doors open to parents like Cashy’s parents. Find a way to help. Train your staff.

Pay it Forward.

You never know who you may help one day, and just how far their gratitude will go.

Politicians – please – know what you do. Protect the innocent at all costs, and do no harm.

Cashy is the most innocent of all……and Montana politicians attempted to murder him last year. That is my honest opinion. They did not care to look at the science and truth, or protect the patients. They treated us as criminals – called us scourge.

Montana Politicians opinions.

We had a select few defenders, but the majority were out for murder.

Funny – all with the intent to “Save the Children”

If only they would have listened when they met Cashy.

If only……

Please support the Cash Hyde Foundation

Also – please support the next issue of Montana Connect. A good portion of the proceeds will be going to the Cash Hyde Foundation.

Stay tuned for details


February 24, 2012

Cashy Media Coverage

What a whirlwind day!

Cancer Fears Cashy

Folks around the world (yes, I said WORLD) have been rejoicing and crying tears of happiness for the Boy of Steel – our sweet Cashy boy.

I am going to list the news stories on this post, and will update it as I get more.

Tune in here for the full list, and keep coming back to see if you missed anything. I expect the list to grow over the next few days.

Please folks – SHARE Cashy’s message!

Also – remember – the fight ain’t over! Prevention Prevention Prevention!

Constant vigilance! PNET tumors are VICIOUS and have a 90% kill rate.

PLEASE support the Hydes and their foundation – help continue to save Cashy, and other children across the country.

On to the stories:

ZooFM 107.5 Radio – Missoula MT – Aaron Traylor interviews Mike – Audio

Channel 8 – Missoula, MT – Jill Valley interviews Kalli – Audio

KXLY Spokane – Executive Producer Melissa Luck announces the news.

Mobilizing Cancer Patients at Childrens Hospital


February 23, 2012

Boy of Steel Cancer free – Again

Yup – you read that right.

Cash Michael Hyde is Cancer Free – again.

My hero is only 3 feet tall

On Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Cash Michael Hyde was in Salt Lake City for a follow up MRI to check the status of his brain tumor. A PNET brain tumor he has been battling for almost 2 years.

For the second time in a row, Cashy has beat his tumor, and is in remission.

The Boy of Steel is Cancer Free!

How many people do you know that beat cancer once, nonetheless twice?

At THREE years of age?

Congratulations and hugest of blessing upon his parents Mike and Kalli for being the strong parents they are, and fighting so diligently to save their son’s life with an alternative option.

Thank heavens for the cannabis oil that saves Cashy’s life.

Be vigilant in your duties Pioneers……your efforts are important to people just like Cashy and his family EVERY day! Act responsibly! Keep up the great work!

And to all the politicians out there…….please support the Hyde family, and many other families out there just like them.

We are here to save children’s lives, not take them away.

Love and blessings to all…..I’m off to celebrate on the ride back to Montana with the Hyde’s.

I love them all so very much. Better be a BIG box of Kleenex on board as we will all be so HAPPY!


Please Read Cashy’s story HERE:

Please visit their foundation and help support Cash HERE: