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June 24, 2012

Bob Crouse is a patient NOT a criminal

Meet Bob

Looks pretty good huh?

You may recall him from this post

Bob Crouse misplaced his leukemia

Lab results and everything. Bob has been doing a wonderful job beating his disease.

Let’s hope he can continue to do so.

You see  – the District Attorney in Colorado Springs seems to have it out for medical marijuana – and any folks who may choose to utilize medical marijuana in El Paso County.

Bob’s case goes to trial Monday morning  June 25, 2012.

I hope as many of you out there who can attend – PLEASE DO! Bob NEEDS support from as many folks as he can get – and El Pas County needs to see that prosecuting patients is just NOT RIGHT and a huge waste of taxpayer monies.

I hope as many of you out there who can attend do. It starts Monday and will more than likely go all week for certain. With the 4th of July upon us – they are going to want to wrap that case up before they have to sequester a jury for any major holiday.

There are events all week in Colorado Springs – here is an update I got from Mark Slaugh – with iComply and CSMCC

Next Monday is Bob Crouse’s Rally for Freedom as he goes on trial. They will be picking the jury that morning and it’s very important we rally as many people as we can to support Bob. Colorado Springs needs to know that we, as a community, will not stand for the prosecution of Cancer Patients who use cannabis.


Bob Crouse Freedom Rally

Monday, June 25th 2012

7am to 1pm  – El Paso County Courthouse


After the rally and first day of Trial, join Audrey for a class on nutrition.

Audrey’s Class on Nutrition
Monday June 25th 2012

7pm – Vibrant Health Clinic – 313 N. Tejon St. Ste 11, 80903

The First patient advocacy group meeting will be in July.

We will be discussing patient issues and plans of actions for many of the major issues impacting our rights; so come out.


C4CPR Patient Advocacy Meeting
Wednesday June 27th 2012

7pm – Lofty’s – Fountain and Weber, 80903

Also, we’re having our Veterans Cannabis Council meeting the next night at Lofty’s @ 7pm. Please invite your vets.
Here’s a facebook link if you haven’t liked their page yet.

VetsCann Meeting
Tuesday, June 26th 2012
7pm – Lofty’s @ Fountain and Weber, 80903

Finally, we have a CSMCC Industry Mixer next Thursday at the Warehouse Restaurant. I’ve attached the flyer for your review and we have a very important guest coming. 

Please join us to find out what the Department of Revenue is doing with the MMED and what the future looks like approaching July 1.


CSMCC June Mixer
Thursday, June 28th 2012

7pm – Warehouse Restaurant @ 25 W. Cimmaron St. 80903

Bob Crouse Life Celebration Flyer 25TH (2)


March 26, 2012

One Love – One Fight – Affecting ALL rights

When Colorado Attorney General John Suthers􀁠 cross petitioned on behalf of Beinor v. Industrial Claims Appeals Office,
2011 WL 3612226 (Colo. App. 2011) he challenged the fundamental principles upon which Colorado medical marijuana exists.

The industry has come together in defense of the case and Amendment 20, voted in by Coloradans to allow patient access
to medical marijuana.

The kickoff fundraising party, One Love at Hayters, will take place on Thursday, March 29, and is being hosted by industry business associations ACT4 Colorado (ACT4CO) and Cannabis Business Alliance (CBA).

About the Case

Jason Beinor, the plaintiff and petitioner, is a medical marijuana patient and was a Denver municipal employee until he lost his job for testing positive for medical marijuana.

Beinor is now represented by Andrew Reid, of Springer & Steiner, P.C., a professor at University of Denver􀁠s Sturm College of Law, and one of the state’s pre-eminent attorneys for constitutional law.

Beinor, a reluctant spokesperson, has kept a low profile and declined interviews and offers to speak
in public. Yet it is Beinor whose name has become synonymous with Amendment 20 patient rights. The marijuana had been ingested several days prior, he was not impaired on the job, and his employment record was clean. Beinor sought but
was denied unemployment benefits.

In a 2-1 vote, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that the Medical Marijuana (MMJ) provisions of the Colorado
Constitution only 􀁬decriminalized􀁺 marijuana used for medicinal purposes under the Constitution, but did not secure a 􀁬right􀁺 in qualifying patients and their caregivers to use the medication. A qualifying MMJ user or care-giver couldn’t be
criminally prosecuted under state law, but because marijuana remains listed as a 􀁬controlled substance􀁺, the user would remain subject to all other non-criminal restrictions and prohibitions under Colorado law pertaining to the use of
controlled substances.

It is crucial that we as an industry come together in support of Beinor. There is no more important case affecting medical marijuana today. It brings to bearing the key issues 􀁲 from what a latent presence of THC does, or does not do to impact impairment, to the classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance with no medical value, to the tension between state and federal authority,􀁺 said Robert Hoban, CBA chair and partner at Hoban & Feola.

The Imminent Threat to Patients, Caregivers & the Cannabis Industry is not only may unemployment benefits be denied as in the Beinor case, but other benefits and rights are impacted, from licensed occupations to rights to qualification for student loans, eligibility for welfare and employment assistance as well as parole and probation. 􀁬

As long as the Colorado courts fail to recognize the Constitutional right to use medical marijuana, each of the 80,000+
qualifying MMJ patients are placed in the position of having to choose between control over their health, or employment, occupation, education, rights and benefits. We cannot let the decision stand,􀁺 says Rico Colibri, president of
CARE, a medical marijuana patient advocacy group that has provided Beinor’s legal defense resources to date.

Currently the patient, the industry and the attorney general await notice on whether the case will be heard by the Colorado Supreme Court. 􀁬We are already seeing this case cited from the Court of Appeals ruling. Our priority is to secure
the Constitutional right to medication, which is the purpose of the current petition to the Colorado Supreme Court in the Beinor Case, and virtually all of these other restrictions should fall as well since they would infringe upon a Constitutional
right,􀁺 according to ACT4CO President Nicholas King.

The kickoff event, One Love at Hayters, 1920 Blake Street, Denver, is the beginning of grassroots mobilization on the part of patients and businesses alike.

Musical performances by Whiskey Tango, Buggsy Mogues and Selecta Nikka T will be performing. Doors open at 6PM and a suggested minimum donation of $10 dollars is requested.

All are welcome to attend.

About One Love

One Love is an inclusive, non-partisan, unaffiliated group of medical marijuana industry and patient stakeholders that exists to unify resources in support of common legal outcomes. Current fundraising activity is being used to support the legal defense of landmark medical marijuana patient Jason Beinor.

About ACT 4 Colorado

ACT for Colorado is a member driven organization of independent cannabis professionals organized and dedicated to ensuring patient access to quality medicine from diverse local sources through advocacy and education. ACT represents over 100 small and mid-sized businesses across Colorado. To learn more, please visit

About Cannabis Business Alliance

The Cannabis Business Alliance is organized and operated primarily for the purposes of promoting the common business interests of its members by encouraging policies which stimulate economic development for the medical marijuana industry as well as as business in general for Colorado; advising and communicating with members concerning industry best practices; serving as the voice of its members to relevant local, state and national governing bodies; and creating and implementing business events and social activities to promote and enhance the members􀁠 business success.

Learn more at or follow on twitter @Cannabizalliance

Please print, distribute, and attend!

Please print and distribute and encourage ALL to attend!

Both of the above images have been saved in a format for full page printing.

March 18, 2012

Behind the Latest Bust at High Times Magazine – The Daily Beast

Behind the Latest Bust at High Times Magazine – The Daily Beast.

I must say – I find it disturbing that the DEA would look at a publication and it’s Freedom of Speech – and consider them to be “drug paraphernalia

Although, if they were running drugs in the 70’s and 80’s I guess that would make sense.

If the folks there are running drugs now…….

I leave the rest to your though processes.


How do YOU want to be viewed in a regulated industry in Colorado?

The outside world is watching…….

Are you a drug dealer?

Or are you a professional, medical facility?

Think about it………the outside world wants to know!

March 12, 2012

Frustrating Friday

I’m actually writing this post on a Sunday night, as I really wanted to chew on things in my mind after my phone conversations I had on Friday.

Last week – I dealt mainly with supportive services to our industry. Folks who are not directly involved, but rather offer services you need to perform your business every day. Executives and business people who care very deeply to see Colorado succeed.

Well……let me tell you folks, I have thought long and hard about this all weekend.



See those images above? That was what I experienced when speaking with supportive services last week. Friday was of particular interest, as folks really laid out their frustrations.

And it wasn’t about me….it was about the Colorado Medical Cannabis Industry.

More directly – YOU – the business owners in Colorado. MMC, MIP, and staff.

Now….I’m not going to lay down this “you know who you are” crap. I hope all of you will look at this as constructive criticism, and work to fix the issues within your business, and interactions with the public and supportive services.

Don’t shoot the messenger either. I promised at LEAST five executives who deal with supportive services to our industry I was going to write this.

Here goes, starting with the biggest complaints first:

  • Pay your bills – from the smallest to the largest – get it done. These folks committed their services to you, and have mouths to feed and bills to pay.
  • BUDGET – figure your monthly budget and stick to it. Look at it honestly, project for your future, and trim the fat.
  • Live within your means.
  • When you make an appointment with somebody, keep it, and be on time. If you are going to be late, be courteous and call. Many people schedule appointments throughout the day, and simply cannot wait for you.
  • Work on COLORADO. So many folks around the nation are looking TO Colorado, and many folks in Colorado are looking outside the borders. Perfect THIS regulated industry and make it shine before you look to reach outside. It is imperative Colorado succeed, and lead the nation.
  • Get serious about your business, and treat it as one. If you are not involved with a trade group – GET INVOLVED.
  • If you have a personal beef with another business owner, deal with it or WALK AWAY. Infighting and back-stabbing helps no one, and harms patients in the long run.
  • Get your patients more involved. Session is in gear – have them all Facebooked and Tweeted up – and ask for action on the hill. Educate them about the current events and bills. Ask them to be involved, write letters, testify, and advocate for their medicine in any way they can.
  • YOU TOO! Get Facebooked and linked and tweeted to all the groups you need to be associated with to share the news. Then – SHARE THE NEWS. If you don’t have time, delegate the responsibility to staff, and ensure they do it.
  • DELEGATE – Delegate duties folks! Organize! Don’t try to own every little faction. The stress from not delegating duties to staff and trying to do it all yourself will not only make you batshit crazy, but will eventually erode your business.
  • How about not be so impaired, or have impaired folks working in your business. It is against regulation to medicate on site. While not a frequent issue in many businesses, in a select few it is a daily problem.
  • Act responsibly. Please
  • Encourage your clients to act responsibly.
  • What’s up with the waste? The recent stories in the news left many supportive services folks very frustrated. Bad press like that is completely un-necessary.
  • Support each other! We all have different views, and one method may work, another may not. If you cannot agree with a person – DO NOT tear them up publicly in any way. Keep it to yourself and your close group – and walk away. Practice professional courtesy. Agree to disagree.
  • PUBLIC FORUMS – Whoo boy. I was told about it – and sent examples of public forum comments – and even witnessed some myself. Holy cats people – WE are not the only ones who read those! When commenting online – be respectful, and responsible. If you have folks who are “trolls” or keep a fight going – DO NOT COMMENT. You feed them – and it goes on and on and on……comment respectfully, and responsibly. People are watching ALL the time. Don’t embarrass yourself or us, please.

I spent a majority of Monday morning reviewing this with the same folks I spoke with last week, and they are very happy to have me voice these opinions.

I may have some to add – as I did not get to my full list, as folks were so frustrated last week many needed to vent too. Stay tuned.

I hope to see comments – and feedback. One of the common statement from support service folks was “Why don’t they ever call us back? We’re here to HELP them? Why are we reciting regulation to them? It should be the other way around?”

Answer them folks – here’s your opportunity.

Please understand – in NO WAY is this intended to start a war or feud. It is CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM from professionals who care about YOU.

If you find yourself offended by anything in this post, my question would be “What are YOU doing on the list that offends you so much to take it so personal?”


Folks – you have a job people across our nation would LOVE to have. Please PROTECT IT AT ALL COSTS! What happens in Colorado is paramount to the rest of the Nation.

The Nation is watching.

Let us help you…….

February 15, 2012

Supply of key drug to treat childhood leukemia may run out in weeks | The Salt Lake Tribune

Supply of key drug to treat childhood leukemia may run out in weeks | The Salt Lake Tribune.


This drug is essential….and the FDA, who allows the manufacture of millions of units of oxycodone quarterly every year, cannot compel drug companies to produce a drug to save 2-5 year old children?

There’s something SERIOUSLY wrong here!

As the need for the drug goes up, so does the cost. This is a cancer CURING drug, not one to treat a symptom.

Can you see what is going on here?

As the parents of these children are financially crippled in 90% of all cases, this KILLS children! The drug companies make money no matter what, whether treating a symptom, or shorting supply of a critical drug to up the costs.

Makes me CRAZY mad!

Then….we have the fight against Cannabis on top of it all.

Why is it that every drug or herb that works to CURE cancer is either in short supply, maligned socially, or made illegal Federally? Do you think that maybe the drug companies don’t want us to get “better”.

They make more money on sick folks than they do healthy ones.

Think about it.

Please help fight cancer of ALL kinds today, but especially for the children. How many 2-5 year old children across our nation will die without this drug that cures at 90%?

Speak up folks…..THIS is the crime.

Stop killing the children!

December 15, 2011

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers in Eagle CO 12-12-11

Here’s the video folks. Sorry it took a while….I can’t WAIT to get settled into someplace with decent internet speed. Took 2 days to upload the first hour. I will get the last part uploaded over the weekend. The main part of forum is in this hour.

This is hosted on my MTConnectMagazine channel – when I have permissions for larger files on my CoConnectMe channel I will transfer it. If you would like a view of some of what we went through in Montana in the 2011 session, please feel free to view any and all of the over 500 videos I have uploaded there. The highest viewed ones are of most importance to see the true prohibition. We were even called “scourge”.

Complete insanity.

Hope all y’all have a great day! Oh, and hey – that post from yesterday? Nothing is confirmed as of yet… please don’t get riled up. I mean, if you think about it, they are approaching Colorado completely different that California if the report is true – and in a way, by targeting the MMD’s too close to schools, are pretty much acknowledging and respecting the regulation – in their own twisted FED way. One could hope?

I’m an optimist folks…..let’s hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and walk proud, pioneering this new industry.

Each and EVERY one of you out there are warriors in my eyes….and I’m proud to walk with you in this adventure.

I will be in Colorado Springs all day today – so please feel free to call me at 720-326-6577. We will be closing ad sales at the end of the month. Be sure to lock your charter rates folks. NO whining after launch if you gag at the new rates – they go up 20% to support my staff, and work for YOU. Even if you have to get in small, it locks your rates to go as big or small in the future as you need. I need your support to do the work I want to do for you folks and get some great staff on the ground to fight and do advocacy work for our cause – all the things you folks can’t get out to do, but so desperately needs done!

Let’s set a standard folks, and showcase what you do. I cannot WAIT for you folks to see the second issue! We’re empowering women! Reaching outside our group to a new base – and new customers.

Let’s get it done folks! Talk to you soon!

Here’s the long-awaited video……..git him! But nicely ok… swear words, professional, and respectful. Don’t give him any more ammo…..hammer him with science and fact.

Walk Proud Warriors!


Colorado Attorney General John Suthers in Eagle CO 12-12-11.