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Hiedi Handford

Hiedi Handford ~ It's about living your dreams

Hiedi Handford – Founder/Director/Chief Editor Colorado & Montana Connect Magazine

Hiedi Handford is a native Coloradoan. Hiedi was born in Weld County Hospital in November of 1966 – and spent her first 7 years in Berthoud Colorado, where her father built the family home. Her family homesteaded Conifer Colorado – and many of her paternal family are all across Colorado. Hiedi was transplanted to Montana in 1977 after a brief hiatus in Utah and resides in Lincoln Montana today – when not up to her eyeballs in medical cannabis in Colorado and across the nation.

Colorado holds a special place in her heart – and with her family having such deep roots – always will.

Hiedi became a medical cannabis patient in Montana over 2 years ago. When she became involved inner industry as a patient – medical cannabis was a brand new world. There was so much to learn about – and so little information at the time. Then – when you did find information – it wasn’t necessarily accurate. There was a dis-connect within the industry.

It was that disconnect that inspired Hiedi to create Montana Connect in February of 2010. With her past experience as a journalist and science based college education she saw where she could fill a void.

Montana Connect was born. Please see all issues of Montana Connect on the tab named “Meet Montana Connect”

Hiedi never entertained the idea of being a caregiver. If you were to look closely at pictures – you would see a black thumb. She realized that our medicine was something very important – not for rookies to take on. This amazing plant demanded respect – and to be free. It needed a credible voice – the industry needed a credible voice. The patients need a loud voice – to scream for their rights. JUST the job for a loudmouthed redneck woman from Montana…..and an element perfect for Hiedi to thrive and succeed.

Also – Hiedi never wanted to be competition for anybody. How could she possibly publish a magazine and educate folks – and be a caregiver competing with them at the same time?

It just wasn’t the right thing to do…..Connect Magazine was the answer.

Today – Hiedi is living her dreams as an advocate for Medical Cannabis and publishing her beloved magazine. She hopes you will join her on this wonderful adventure.

Please feel free to contact Hiedi at 720-326-6577 or


Irvin Rosenfeld –    Co-Editor ~

State Sales ~ Professional Consult  

Irvin Rosenfeld is the longest surviving of the final four Federal Medical Cannabis Patients in the United States.

A Virginia native now residing in Florida, Irvin has been an advocate for Medical Cannabis for over 40 years. The Federal Government has supplied him 10-12 Cannabis cigarettes for over 29 years for his severe bone tumor disorder.

Irvin brings a unique perspective to our movement. Having traveled all over the United States working to change how people perceive of a Cannabis patient, he will help the patients in Colorado strengthen their resolve and support them in their efforts to do it right.

Irvin knows that patients need a true and reliable news outlet to keep in touch with what is really happening statewide on the medical and political front.

Colorado Connect will be the only trade publication that will not only inform patients of what is taking place in Colorado, but Irvin will also be writing about the trends across the nation.

As author of “My Medicine” ‘How I Convinced the Federal Government To Supply My Marijuana and Helped Launch a National Movement,’ Irvin knows the history of our movement better than most because he is living it. With that knowledge, Irvin will be instrumental in helping the patients in Colorado understand how special it is to have the right to be a patient and to make sure how to protect that right.

Irvin and Hiedi first worked together in lobbying for the Medical Cannabis patients in Montana and have since put together their own company “Medical Cannabis Solutions,” a company to help states in putting together the best Medical Cannabis program tailored to their needs.

Irvin has always had the desire to help others and has educated millions of people about the benefits of Medical Cannabis all while maintaining his highest standard. As a board member of Patients Out of Time, he will have some of the top doctors and scientists as writers, and will also encourage every patient to write about what they do best and how spreading the knowledge will help all patients.

Irvin and Hiedi have done book signings all over Colorado and that will continue. In fact, Irvin will be coming to Colorado on November 16th thru the 21st to do book signings and to celebrate on November 20th, the start of his thirtieth year as a Federal Patient.

Irvin and Hiedi will be having a big party in Denver on November 19th to not only celebrate his anniversary, but also the launch of Colorado Connect.

We invite all Colorado patients to join us.

So get on board and help Colorado Patients help themselves not just line the pockets of magazines that are all ads that care nothing about the patients or about giving back to their own communities. No matter what happens in the future Colorado Connect and our staff, will be there for you.

Contact Irvin at: 954-536-9011 or e-mail him at


Randy Good – State Sales Manager

Randy GoodRandy Hadden-Good was born in Tucson, Arizona and lived his summers in Newport Beach, California.  Randy moved to Colorado in early 1997 after accepting a position with a local company. For the first year Randy did not get to see just how much Colorado had to offer since his position kept him traveling from one end of the country to the other.   In latter part of 1998 Randy accepted a new position with ING Security Life of Denver had a home built in Centennial, Colorado. Randy currently resides in Broomfield, Colorado and shares his life with his wife Ann, four children spread out from North Carolina to Seattle, two in the Denver area and two grandchildren.

Randy Hadden-Good’s background is primarily in finance and as an operations manager.  He has over 18 years of experience in the insurance, mortgage, real estate and manufacturing industries as well as establishing himself as a successful business owner in the Denver area. Randy is the former Director of Finance at ING Security Life Insurance in Denver. Randy served in the U.S. Military Service in AFSOC units and received an Honorable Discharge.  Soon after Randy attended San Diego State University for a B.S. in Business Administration.

Randy became a primary care giver in 2009, he thought would be wonderful to be able to set up a legal grow operation for medical patients, growing many high quality cannabis plants purely for medical and research purposes. Randy also felt confident that he and his partner might be able to improve the quality of Marijuana and to set a new standard for potency of Medical grade cannabis.

Randy became an owner/president of the Colorado Bottling Company in early 2010. Located in Boulder in a 13,000 square foot facility, Colorado Bottling Company (CBC) produced and distributed Keef Cola products a Medical Marijuana infused drink. Randy and his team were dedicated to guiding Colorado Bottling Company to providing the Patients of Colorado with the highest quality alternative medicines.

Randy wants to help make changes in our industry so it is looked at by all eyes as a legitimate and accepted business. Since becoming a personal care giver there have been numerous questions that have come up surrounding the interpretation of statutory language. In the beginning the law did not clearly state where marijuana plants may be grown, how many patients one caregiver may care for, or if two or more patients and/or caregivers may share one growing space. And as we all know, the federal government continues to struggle with state legalization of medical marijuana and continues to threaten MMJ businesses.  The rules for all of us that want to operate a legitimate business have continued to change and in some cases, shut many in the industry down. Randy wants to find ways to help this industry through these changes and help the patients in their common goals. Randy feels that every day there is the opportunity to learn and experience something new and the opportunity to use it to help move this industry forward.

The good news is the medical marijuana industry has survived many regulation changes in licensing, security, increasing fees and stacks of other rules. We just need to remember, what happens in this industry even if it does not have a direct impact on our business, does have a direct impact  on what we hope to accomplish. So I guess the message is “We are a team and need to stand together as a team”

Randy met Hiedi Handford and Irvin Rosenfeld for the first time in November 2011 and learned about their vision to help legitimize our industry and how they both have been working to change how people perceive the Cannabis patient and to help strengthen MMJ Businesses in Colorado as well as finding ways to support them in their efforts to do things right.

Being part of a team that gives this business a legitimate magazine “Colorado Connect” to advertise in and educate people is a great way to help this industry.

Please contact Randy at: 720-840-5028 or e-mail him at


Teena Davis

Teena Davis - workin the Banana Belt in Colorado

Teena Davis is a Colorado Native, born at St Anthony’s Central Hospital in August of 1969. She was raised in Arvada, and has visited every corner of the state throughout her lifetime.  Teena has lived in the Metro Denver Area, and spent 13 years in Leadville; aka Cloud City, aka Silver City, where she raised her 2 daughters and met her husband Troy. She currently resides with her family in one of the “Banana Belt” regions of the Central Rockies of Colorado, known as Chaffee County. Living outside of Buena Vista, she enjoys all that Nature has to offer.

Teena has spent a lifetime serving others as a Customer Service Rep for a number of Companies, starting with her father’s own Painting Company at the age of 12. It is her Faith in God and passion for serving others that has gotten her through some of her darkest days.

Teena nearly died in the ER, on Jan 16, 2008 due to a car accident. It was shortly after that, when she first made the choice of using the Natural Alternative of Medical Cannabis; rather than living out the rest of her days dependent on the dozen plus other medications that the doctors had prescribed for her in order to have some relief from the pain that now radiates throughout her body.

That is not when Teena’s education on Medical Cannabis began though. It was when Colorado Lawmakers passed “0-4-287 – ARTICLE XVIII – Miscellaneous Art. XVIII – Miscellaneous”, while she was in College that inspired her to do an English Comp paper on the subject “Pros vs Cons of Medical Cannabis”. It was during that investigative research that she discovered the Truth behind Cannabis, and she has been a Medical Cannabis Advocate ever since.

Teena now continues her studies into the Science of Cannabis, and works hard to educate others within her community so that others might also learn of the Truth; that all mankind was born with endocannibinoids and cannabinoid receptors within their bodies. She studies how the different strains help for the different ailments that she and others have.

It was after being certified in the Laws and Regulations, MMJ Bus 101, and Growing 101, at Greenway University of Denver, that Teena had the privilege of meeting with Hiedi Handford for the first time. Colorado Connect is a team she can feel at home with, knowing that the common goal is Patient Advocacy.

Teena Davis, and her husband Troy, have helped in the opening of their local Wellness Center, and continue to do what they can for Patients near and far. Teena is also an Affiliate for Discounted Healthcare for patients who are uninsured or under-insured; doing everything in her power to help others live a better “Quality of Life”.

As a new member of team Colorado Connect, Teena looks forward to supporting others who need a voice in the fight for their rights to Alternative Treatments with Medical Cannabis, as the founders of this Great Nation did. She commits to serve you all to the best of her ability.

Teena may be reached at: Cell – 970-393-0791

or e-mail her at:  _______________________________________________________________

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