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May 23, 2012

Patients Out of Time Clinical Cannabis Conference

I am excited to return to Colorado from Arizona, and the Patients Out of Time 7th National Clinical Cannabis Conference in Tucson, Arizona  April 26-28, 2012.


I had waited in anticipation so anxiously for over 18 months. The weeks before the conference were maddening. I felt like a child the eve before Christmas morning.

I was not disappointed either. Almost everybody a person could hope to meet on the medical cannabis side of things was there. Dr Russo and his daughter Sarah, Dr Weil, Mary Lynn and Al, Elvy, Dr Courtney, Melanie Drehrer, the list goes on and on…..please be sure to visit for followup. The entire conference was filmed – and is available online. The CE portions will be available for a fee in the near future. Here is a video of Dr. Andrew Weil from the conference. (Click link silly – it’s active). Also – please be sure to find Patients Out of Time on Facebook.

Please be sure to add Patients Out of Time to your groups to support. This incredible conference was their 7th national clinical conference in 14 years. They hold them every 2 years. We will be rolling out a pledge program for the group – stay tuned – and please – support the science and research.

Every bit of our efforts rely on credible science and knowledge.  It is imperative we have a strong voice, and solid support for Patients Out of Time.

I had the honor of helping Jacki Rickert prepare for her day and assisting her throughout the day on the day she spoke. Jacki is an amazing woman, I was quite stunned to learn her story. Jacki was one of the 28 patients who was completely approved for the Federal IND Program, before it was shut down. She has been waiting 22 years for the Fedral Government to send her any cannabis.

For years, Jacki Rickert has been asking, “Is My Medicine Legal Yet?”

Jacki suffers from two painful and debilitating conditions, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Advanced Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, and was fully approved for participation in the U.S. Government‘s Compassionate Use Investigative New Drug (I.N.D.) Program at the Federal level in May of 1990, and by the state of Wisconsin in December of 1990.

I think she will be waiting until she dies…..unfortunately. When ol George W Sr. shut down the program, Jacki and 27 other folks were completely approved, and awaiting their first shipments. Not one of these folks ever received cannabis – as only the original 13 Federal patients were grandfathered into the program.

It is only through a series of Angels and Miracles Jacki is with us today.

22 years later – Jacki is STILL asking “Is My Medicine Legal Yet?” and is lucky to be alive. What a wonderful heart and spirit Jacki has – and i hope each and every one of you out there follow up on her story – reach out – support her and her group.

Ask the question – every day – “Is My Medicine Legal Yet?” and then fight like the devil to make it legal.

If Jacki can do it all these years from Wisconsin in a wheel chair…….we should ALL be able to fight just as hard.

Blessings to each and all out there in the world. Please – stay in touch – and be brave in your fight!


SO pleased to attend!

I was SO PROUD to be mentioned I coulda busted. Instead – I cried. This was a highlight of my career – and I hope to see many more!

December 22, 2011

Merry Cannabis!

and Happy Holidays to all!

Just got the tree's gonna be a COLD one!

It’s been a great three weeks. I am SO happy to welcome new Charter advertisers! I will be announcing all Charter advertisers on January 1 – with a Happy New Year Welcome.

We hope to see many of you grace our pages with your presence. The back cover is GONE….has been for months. There is one inside cover left – and the rest of it will be filled nicely – with some pretty decent providers I am very proud to know.

There’s still time to get in! You can reserve your space TODAY and through December 31 for 50% down, and the balance by January 10, right before we go to print.

Start the new year setting a standard in a politically driven trade publication. How can you possibly go wrong?

In addition – Irvin Rosenfeld will be returning to state. We have confirmed dates for January 25-29 and plan on attending MMAPA’s Ganja Gala.

See you there!

If there are any events going on those 5 days you think we should be at – or if you would like to have Irvin for a book tour in your shop – please call me at 720-326-6577

We have some GREAT content lined up – and pretty amazing contributing writers. Some you would never find in another “culture” publication – as they felt it might threaten their careers. We are so excited to introduce everybody in the first issue – and move on to empowering women in the second. We can’t WAIT for that issue! We’re going to knock your socks off!

In the spirit of the holidays – we are also offering free subscriptions valued at $24.95/year. Colorado Connect will be mailed under private cover – to protect the recipients privacy. This is a great tool for you to reach out to those you want to educate and get it into their hands privately, and respectfully, to educate, and showcase what we do, and who we are. We want to take the fear factor out of medical cannabis – and bring new patients across your thresholds. Increase our red card numbers in state by educating the people to our alternative health choice.

New patients are scared to walk in your doors folks, that’s just a FACT, and a group we need to reach out to. I took a 61 year old patient to Robin Hackett at BotanaCare as I knew she would feel comfortable there and honestly, she needed the personalized care she was given. We will have a new patient coming into the ranks in January when I take her to her Dr appointment. MANY folks are curious and DESPERATE for help, and without the proper education model we can deliver to their hands – we’ll never get to them, or get them in your doors unless we represent professionally, decrease fear, and promote integrity and credibility.

We can have that market folks, we just have to approach them correctly, and responsibly. We NEED that market!

By the way – I introduce new patients to our industry all the time – and connect them to providers where they’re needs can be met. Please be sure to contact me sometime – so we can talk about your shop – I can visit and get a feel of your atmosphere – and refer accordingly. The larger base I have to refer to – the better for the patient. Many of you have wonderful skills and all approach things with their own methodology. Patients do too – and when they find the right match – I rejoice for all. It is so very important that patients feel safe, and comfortable.

I have started a contest for advertisers. I am copying the e-mail content here:

Hey folks – Merry Christmas!

I just updated my contact list – so many of you may be new to my e-mails.

Let’s just do a brief re-cap for everybody. Colorado Connect is a sister publication to Montana Connect, our professional cannabis industry magazine.  My team and I have been involved in Colorado for over a year now building and watching regulation settle in. Why wait and watch?  Well….we needed to see who made it through regulation – and who, quite honestly, didn’t.  We are here to set a standard.  To pioneer and industry and SHOWCASE medical cannabis in Colorado educating folks in a responsible manner.  I’ve brought Irvin Rosenfeld, a federal medical cannabis patient, on board as co-editor and as a stockbroker in his day to day life, we cannot compromise his integrity when he’s lending it to our cause.  Please be sure to visit my site, Http://CoConnect.Me and meet Irv and see what the new Colorado Connect is all about.

Colorado Connect was designed for the medical cannabis industry in particular, and will represent in the most professional manner.   Colorado Connect will be distributed outside of the medical cannabis community and will be mailed under private cover to protect patient privacy.  It will be mailed to every member of the Colorado Legislative session and all town council members we can get addresses for.  We aim to get it on newsstands in the health and wellness section.  We’ll be sending it to representatives in DC, as well, to be used as a tool to educate politicians.  You folks get to show them what we do – and how compassionately and passionately we do it!  You’ll get to showcase the medicine, and the science.
Ok…so I have blathered on for the new e-mail folks I added….where’s the “Merry Christmas” part, right?

Well – each and every person who responds to this e-mail with their mailing address and phone number will get a free subscription mailed to you directly (a $24.95 a year value).  Merry Christmas!  Can’t wait ‘til you see it and I look forward to your feedback and participation.

In addition – I have a contest to offer. This is for business owners only – and will run through 12/31/2011 with the Charter advertising rates.

There’s another way you win. You get our message directly into the hands of the people who you want and need to see it at no cost to you.  You can get it to your town council, prospective legislators and senators, and outside your current market. We are taking medical cannabis to a very professional level.

Our message is VERY important to us….and we need to increase support for this wonderful plant.  Colorado Connect is a professional way we can achieve that.  This is a publication.  You’ll feel confident displaying it in your store, and sharing with family and friends who “may not be sure” about what it is you do.

So – here’s what you do if you wish to participate and win some credits – and change some opinions.   You can win credit towards advertising in the second issue of Colorado Connect.

·         1st Prize: $300

·         2nd Prize: $200

.         3rd Prize: $100

Reply to this e-mail and ask me for the form.  I will send them out every night.  I will also be out in field through Thursday.  If you call me at 720-326-6577 or 406-594-7932 and I am close or free – I will drop a form by.

PUT YOUR BUSINESS NAME ON IT – then make photocopies – and start collecting.  Have your office staff collect as they sell and conduct business.  Use the subscription as a gift for your patients.

This is the time to add your local town council, committee members, or school organizations. Yes….I said school organizations.  We are educating educators too.  Decreasing fear about our industry.

As you fill a page – please e-mail it in to me.  To eliminate duplicates of entries I will be tracking them by when I received what sheet from whom.

Just be aware, I am the lone Mohican performing data entry and if all y’all flood me over New Year’s – I will be swamped, and maybe slightly crabby about it.  It will also eliminate any addresses you collected that were duplicates that someone else close to you may have submitted previously.

Yup – it’s a competition!

So…get your office staff on it – call or e-mail with questions.  Get your form from me or Randy Good. You can call him at 720-840-5028 or e-mail him at

Irvin has sweetened the deal too!  Many of you may know this – many may not – but we bring Irvin Rosenfeld to Colorado for book tours – and we just confirmed dates for the next tour!

Irvin Rosenfeld will be in Colorado January 25-29 working on Colorado Connect and conducting book tours in Colorado.

If you want to book Irvin (there is a 5 book purchase requirement), he has agreed to waive that fee for the top three winners!

So you can win advertising credit and a free booking of a Federal Patient in your shop!  That’s $100 value right there.

For those of you who are interested in booking Irvin during those dates, please contact me at or
call 720-326-6577.

I will be starting a patient contest after the new year – so you folks get to collecting!

Don’t forget – Charter rates EXPIRE – DEAD – FINITO 12/31/2011. We go to print on the 15th. After the first issue is printed – rates will be going up 20%.

LOCK yours today folks – NO WHINERS if you miss the low rates.

Merry Christmas – and may each of you have wonderful SAFE Holidays!

Walk Proud Warriors!


November 14, 2011

Medical Cannabis 30 Years Later: A Question?

Media Release: November 15, 2011

Medical Cannabis 30 Years Later: A Question?

On November 20, 1982 the US federal government sent a Florida citizen 300 cannabis cigarettes in a shiny tin can.

The US government, known the world over as a champion of preying on the sick with a weapon they call the war on drugs, continues to send the same man the same ration of cigarettes 29 years later.

This delivery of medicine is part of a “Compassionate” program that exists to study “new drugs”, in this case, marijuana. Over the 29 year period the government has performed no such study.

Irvin Rosenfeld of Florida will begin his 30th year of smoking cannabis cigarettes on November 20, 2011 and he feels great.

“Having used cannabis for a serious illness for almost three decades puts me in the record books as the longest in your face proof that the medical cannabis policy in the US is illogical and mean.” Irv spoke from his stock brokerage office where he is a senior vice president of investments.

“While smoking cannabis is derided by my federal government I have suffered no negative consequences from the experimentation, unobserved by them, that they have allowed me and three others to participate in” Irv added.

Irv and three other federal cannabis patients were medically examined by Patients Out of Time. The non-profit assumed the responsible agency, NIDA, would never dare conduct such study fearing rightfully that the finding would likely be and was found to be very positive for all four patients.

Such a study is thought by Congress to have never been completed yet has been published since 2002 at and is known as “The Missoula Study.”

“When the medical team finished their extensive three day long study of my health they declared me in excellent condition for my age and affliction. For the federal government to continually assert that there is no adequate science proving therapeutic value to cannabis is absurd. I stand as a living, breathing example of just how wrong they are and how disingenuous their statements about the medical utility of cannabis have become.”

Irv continued, “I intend to live another 30 years or at least until I see all patients afforded the same health care option that my government affords me. Please excuse me it’s time to take my medicine.”

Irv is on the Board of Directors of Patients Out of Time, a 501c3 educational charity, as are the other three federally supplied cannabis patients.

A media conundrum continues on this issue. Is the US government lying while patients sicken and die, while Vets suffer from unethical treatment, or do we believe the tens of thousands of patients like Irv and his colleagues and the science that supports their lives – that is the question?

Irvin will be in Colorado November 15-21, 2011 for a book tour and to promote his educational endeavor – Colorado Connect.

Please visit for book tour details.

For information about Colorado Connect please simply type CoConnect.Me into your browser and hit enter. You will be fully introduced to the world of Medical Cannabis on a new, professional level. Let’s Connect! or call Hiedi Handford at 720-326-6577

Contact Irv: 954-536-9011 or Patients Out of Time: 434 263-4484

November 12, 2011

‘Operation White Out’ takes out drug ring | The Coloradoan |

‘Operation White Out’ takes out drug ring | The Coloradoan |

So……this was the driving force behind the opposition in Fort Collins. This is why the Sheriff in Larimer County was all wigged out. This is why Suthers is all twitchy and making the statements he does. 19 pounds of marijuana are involved, so of course that just HAD to come from our industry now didn’t it?

Going on for the past 18 months huh?

Look closely at the faces they display in their ring. Are any of those OUR people folks?

I’d say not….but we are equated with them in Fort Collins. Every time one of the prohibitionists looks at one of us – they will see and remember this story.

Patients? Yeah….right…..we’re all just part of the cartel drug ring in the prohibitionists eyes.

You know what just KILLS me here folks? Cannabis is CURING Cancer! I was just dancing around hugging Dr Bob Melamede yesterday in Colorado Springs at the iComply/CSMCC luncheon celebrating his discoveries.   for details and follow up to be posted soon…..

PLEASE visit and witness Dr. Bob’s research. You will be as excited – and I expect a full swath of Snoopy Dances across the state.

I’m Dancin!

Thank you Dr. Bob!

Saving Lives!

Proving it!

The Medical Cannabis Industry is a roller coaster of emotions. We celebrate our wins – our science – our successes. We mourn our losses – most painful are the loss of patients. We watch many die, just too sick or too late to help. We are compassionate people – wanting to do what’s right and good for people.

That’s what I see when I have the pleasure of meeting the people in this industry. We have some of the strongest – most passionate and compassionate folks you could ever meet in this world. Great hearts – hard workers. Dedicated and caring.

Pioneers in a new industry. We are pioneering a new industry folks. I have believed that for years now – and personally – I revel in it. I am EXCITED to see it. I am tickled to death every time I hear of a new success and discovery. A new product. A new patient helped.

I do Snoopy Dances all the time for you folks. For the patients. For the new people who finally see the science and learn.

This new industry is just as important to me as it is to many of you.

That’s why I do what I do. That’s why we have Irvin on board. NO other publication out there has a Federal Medical Marijuana patient on board to help us fight – help us have integrity and credibility. We HAVE to have integrity and credibility. We HAVE to fight them politically – and at the local level. We have to demand respect…..but we also have to PRESENT with respect to do that.

Colorado Connect is designed exactly for that folks. Not only will I be whacking prohibitionists in the noggin with it for years to come….but the “bad guys” in our industry too. My ban list has been developed – and there are folks I will NEVER advertise in our magazine. I have learned of many instances of deceitful behavior in Colorado – and in my own heart I cannot refer a patient to them. This industry is just TOO important and new to me and us to fool around.

I don’t go around advertising my ban list – you will never see that. That’s just tacky, disrepectful, and damaging to a new industry. You just won’t see them on our pages – or any of our staff in their shops. I maintained this principle in Montana – and have voided a $1000 check from one such advertiser.

Nobody can pay me to hurt a patient – or our industry. Not with my knowledge of it.

It’s also because of that principle that I have the contributing writers I do. They are safe in knowing they won’t be sharing the pages of a cannabis publication with anything that might embarrass them.

Patients Out of Time is a VERY important group to our industry – and they deserve respect. I confirmed Stan Garnett as a contributing writer this week. If you folks don’t know who Stan Garnett is – you have been under a rock politically. He is the Boulder County DA – and ran for Attorney General 2 years ago.

Having contributing writers such as the lineup I am developing is VERY important to me – as Colorado Connect will be distributed to EVERY senator and house rep in the state. Every town council I get an address for. These folks have GOT to get and have a credible message – a resource to learn. The newspapers are doing us NO favors – and the culture magazines? Well…they have their market – and their place.

The political arena is not one of them – not now – and not for medical.

I’m hoping to announce our new State Sales Manager next week – and I am so very excited to do so. We will also be presenting to Act4Co – MMIG – and CBA. Please see the book tour schedule on our site for dates and times.

Irvin & I hope to meet many more of you over the next week – and look forward to doing so. If you’re into the “Culture Club” thing and down for a party….well….you can come say hi – but don’t expect us to party with you. This is serious business – and we have work to do.

Our kind of fun is Advocacy and Education. We love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and seeing the exciting things you business folks are doing. We also love having a toe to toe with the opposition…..debate gets the blood pumping.

I hope you’ll join us – and I invite you to do so. Please feel free to call anytime – even if you have a problem. ESPECIALLY if you have a problem. We might be able to help. That’s what we do……we help people – and we CONNECT people.

Let’s win this fight. Let’s Connect!

November 11, 2011

Hello Colorado!!??!! We have a PROBLEM!!!

Anybody see this??

Panelists note rise in teen pot use

AG Suthers criticizes state medical marijuana policies

John Stroud
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Dr. Paul Salmen of Glenwood Springs, center, was one of three panelists at a forum Tuesday, “The Presence of Medical Marijuana and Our Kids,” held at the Glenwood Springs Community Center. The other two panelists were Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, left, and Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson.

Dr. Paul Salmen of Glenwood Springs, center, was one of three panelists at a forum Tuesday, “The Presence of Medical Marijuana and Our Kids,” held at the Glenwood Springs Community Center. The other two panelists were Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, left, and Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson.
Kelley Cox Post Independent
GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — Marijuana use among adolescents has been a concern for many decades, but never more so than since the advent of Colorado’s medical marijuana industry in recent years, according to a panel of speakers at a community forum Tuesday night.Debbie Wilde, executive director of YouthZone, which deals with at-risk youth from Aspen to Parachute, said 10 percent of their youth clients surveyed report using marijuana at least once a month.That’s 50 percent higher than for youth across the United States. Locally, the number of youth using marijuana daily has increased 50 percent in recent years, she said.And, by and large, she said they admit getting the drug from medical marijuana patients.“Medical marijuana has increased access for youth, and created a perception that it’s OK,” Wilde said.The informational forum on medical marijuana and its impact on youth was sponsored by YouthZone, local health and business organizations and the Roaring Fork School District.More than 200 people, including several parents who brought their children to hear the discussion, packed the Glenwood Springs Community Center meeting room.In addition to representatives from YouthZone and substance abuse programs, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers was invited to speak.Suthers offered harsh words for the state’s medical marijuana policies, which he believes has made the drug more accessible to youth.

“In my opinion, the medical marijuana regime in Colorado is nothing more than a state-sanctioned fraud on the part of several thousand patients and a few dozen doctors, in violation of federal law,” he said.

Of the roughly 130,000 authorized medical marijuana patients currently in Colorado, he said the vast majority are males in their 20s and 30s.

“Folks, that is precisely the demographic profile of recreational drug users in the state,” Suthers said.

“I’m tempted to support legalization in an effort to get away from the government hypocrisy,” he said. “But I won’t do that … because it would only increase the perception that there is no risk with this drug.”

Dr. Paul Salmen, a Glenwood Springs family physician and founder of the Youth Recovery Center at Valley View Hospital, said marijuana affects teens differently than adults.

“I’m not here to condemn medical marijuana as an evil substance,” Salmen said.

But, “marijuana in the brain of a teenager is a very different drug,” he said, noting that it affects the reward center of the brain at a time when the brain is still in a very formative stage.

“Teenagers are not using marijuana for chronic pain or for cancer, they’re using it for pleasure,” Salmen said.

Shelley Evans, who founded the Red Mountain Adolescent and Family Center in Glenwood Springs four years ago, said 100 percent of the program’s youth clients admit to marijuana use.

“Alcohol is still a problem among youth, but what we’re seeing is they’re drinking on the weekends but they’re smoking marijuana on a daily basis,” Evans said. One-fourth of the young people in the program also have parents who are medical marijuana patients, she said.

Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson said marijuana arrests involving juveniles rose from 19 in 2008, before medical marijuana became prominent locally, to 48 last year and 31 through October this year.

Just in the last year, state and local regulations were put in place to enact controls on the medical marijuana industry, including safeguards to try to keep the drug out of the hands of teenagers and others not authorized to use it. No representatives from local dispensaries or industry associations spoke at the Glenwood Springs forum. 


Was ANYBODY from the Colorado Medical Cannabis Industry there? I’m not naming a group….I mean ANYBODY??

So – here in Glenwood Springs we have 200 people and the Colorado Attorney General TEARING our industry up – with absolutely no counter. No open debate – and no one in the audience brave enough to call bullshit when they see it.

THIS is the problem going on with this industry – and this is exactly why we are here – and trying to de what we do. By GOD if I had known this was going on – I would have been there in a FLASH with facts and science to counter all the lies.

We HAVE to be PROACTIVE folks! We HAVE TO get to these meetings and counter them! John Suthers should not be out campaigning against medical cannabis like he is – YOU pay HIM a salary! He represents YOU too! The laws here are the will of the voters……ALL of them – not the few he selects and chooses.

It is time to start holding your public officials accountable for their public actions.

Believe you me – Mr Suthers will be getting a phone call from Hiedi Handford. Sooner than he may know it.

You folks should all be dialing him up too……and holding him accountable. People DIE over these lies……

John Suthers – Colorado Attorney General – contact info

1525 Sherman St.
Denver, Colorado 80203
P: 303-866-4500
F: 303-866-5691

November 8, 2011

How many people have to die before we get serious?

Congressman’s Daughter Seeks Injunction Against Federal Crackdown on Medical Marijuana – Rancho Bernardo, CA Patch.

This is EXACTLY what I was referring to when I wrote this morning – about Image and perception.

A CONGRESSMANS DAUGHTER has to fight for access – because of stereotype. Because Medical Cannabis is not recognized as medicine. To quote “They believe me that it works but there’s such a negative image in everyone’s head in general about marijuana. They still have that, but they support me in what I want to do,” she said.”

WHY should someones life depend on a negative image? WHY do folks in the medical cannabis industry have such a bad image?

I can answer that – and I will be blunt. It’s because of what I call the “Culture Club”

Recreational use has it’s place – but when folks lives are at risk – it is not a cultural game playing issue. This is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

It’s time to GET serious folks. I hope you consider my words.

How many more people have to DIE before we get serious here?

I’d really like to know.

Cancer patient Briana Bilbray—the daughter of Congressman Brian Bilbray - with President Obama at the White House