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May 29, 2012

DUID and Cannabis…….Fox 31 News weighs in

When it comes to impaired driving a study conducted by Fox 31 News in Denver has blurred the lines when the topic is cannabis and blood ng levels.

The DUID Bill presented in Colorado’s legislative session was quite the roller coaster ride as it moved through the committees and houses. At some points it seemed legislation was competing with Elitch Gardens with all the ups and downs, twists and turns.

The bill was defeated during special session on a 17-17 tied vote, with one Senator not present. This Senator’s failure to return for special session is believed to be what killed the bill, as they would have been a deciding vote, and had voted in favor of the bill previously.

This report from Fox 31 News was released just a few days after the DUID bill was killed.


I have pulled some screenshots from the news story to highlight a few points.

First – let’s look at the ng blood levels of the subjects in the study. The subjects were asked to not medicate at all previous to test the day of testing. Blood samples were drawn prior to any testing, and after medicating.

First up – meet “Max”

Now – Max is stated to be a daily user of cannabis for his Psychomotor agitation. As seen in the report from Fox 31 News, Max’s ng blood level for THC was at 6ng prior to any cannabis use for the day.

After medicating – Max’s blood levels for THC went up to 32ng, well over the 5ng level proposed by lawmakers.

Next up is Fran – a 63 year old Fibromyalgia sufferer.

Remarkably – Fran failed her driving test with absolutely no cannabis in her system. The fact that she claims to be a user of cannabis and arrived with product to use, it is quite apparent Fran suffered a placebo effect while driving, and she was actually failed for this test by Officer Ashby. More disturbing is the fact that the product she consumed left her with no cannabis in her system to treat her condition.

Please folks – test your products – and test them regularly. Make a habit of it. The hugest concern is for the patient. As they treat themselves, they need to know they are taking a reliable product that will help them. As more interest is shown to our industry -and trials are conducted – I suspect we will see much more of these type studies. PLEASE test your product.

Patients lives depend on it.

Next is Robert:

Robert – yet another medical cannabis user who passed the driving test. Robert passed his exam even after medicating with a 10ng blood level.

Fox 31 News did a pretty extensive study – and this was actually a two part series. This is the link to the second part – and we will break down the shocking results as we go.


Brian and Justin are the subjects in the next study – comparing driving under the influence of alcohol to marijuana.

Now – Brian clearly failed his exam – and pegged his Blood Alcohol Content at .08. Many studies have been conducted on alcohol and impaired driving. With how alcohol is metabolized in the body, it is much easier to study and have quantified answers.

Justin is the final subject – with the most shocking results.

No age was ever given for Justin – so please forgive that omission. It is not remarkable to myself to see the results of Justin’s first blood ng level. For any chronic pain patient out there  I would expect them to be very high. Cancer as well.

Justin started out at 21ng before medicating at all for the day -and went to 47ng post medication.

Yet – he was deemed a good driver – and passed his driving exam with flying colors.

Next – Fox 31 News decided to ensure the driving abilities of both, and as they put it “See if Justin is just a better driver than Brian”. So – Justin imbibed in alcohol and reported a BAC of .04.

This time – when Justin took the driving test – he failed miserably. Alcohol most certainly caused impairment – YET – under Colorado DUI law Justin was still under the .08 BAC limit and would have passed a breathalyzer test. If the 5ng limit were to have been imposed with a DUID law – he would have failed for THC levels, which when he was only under direct influence of cannabis – he passed the driving test with a 47ng blood level.

So – when you mix alcohol and cannabis – is it a fair judgement to state the person is impaired and “guilty” because of the cannabis in their system when even slight amounts of alcohol can completely skew results?

Please keep in mind, cannabis facilitates other drugs within our bodies. Folks who utilize cannabis AND pain medications find they can decrease their pain med intake as the cannabis facilitates the opioids and makes them work better – thus reducing consumption.

Also – did any of these subjects have ANY other medications in their systems? Opioids? Muscle relaxers?

Granted – the Fox 31 News story is not the greatest example of scientific, empirical evidence, but it does bring many issues to light, and exposes many issues in the thought processes of legislators when they try to impose a law with no science behind it.

I stated in an e-mail to Colorado politicians this past session that they should kill the DUID bill and apply to NIDA for funding monies to conduct a truly scientific study funded by NIDA to prove the harm of driving with cannabis in your system. We have to prove harm to get the monies – but it is possible. In Irvin Rosenfeld’s Federal protocol – it is stated he can drive and operate heavy equipment as long as he is not impaired. After years of driving and a few stops as officers smelled cannabis coming from his car – Irvin has never been deemed to be impaired – or been cited with impairment.

Irvin has been smoking cannabis over 40 years. The man should bleed green.

In addition – shouldn’t the Federal government hold some responsibility for helping to determine impairment? A NIDA study could do just that – and the Federal government has the subjects to study as well – if they ever choose to.

There have been Federal medical marijuana patients for 35 years – and the Federal Government has YET to study their own patients.

Please see the poll from Fox 31 News here – and be sure to go vote in the poll. It is located at the bottom of the second story link comparing alcohol and cannabis.

Poll screenshot pulled on 6/2/12 – stats will change over time with additional votes.

The TV Show “The Dr’s” also did an impaired driving study

I have left this link for people to go look at – but please note – I do not condone utilization of this study for anything other than showing the differences of the studies. In this study by The Dr’s no blood ng levels were drawn – and personally – I take issue with any driving exam that affects a drivers peripheral vision. It’s great to be sitting in a real car – but take out peripheral vision or impair vision in any way – and the test is just not very effective or representative in my mind. I was also very disappointed in The Dr’s for not having a more empirical study. One would figure a show named “The Dr’s” they would want to know what the blood levels are.

Well….that’s my breakdown folks. Please be sure to share this information, write your politicians and encourage them to pursue NIDA monies for a study, and BE SAFE out there! Please do NOT mix alcohol with cannabis – and if you are too impaired to drive – DON’T!

Please feel free to share this post and my e-mail – and save this little kernel for the next time DUID and cannabis comes up. With how Senator King pursued it this session – I can pretty much guarantee this issue will not be going away.

December 22, 2011

Bob Crouse misplaced his leukemia

At least  that’s what he told me when he called – so happy he was crying.

Made me SOB in happiness with, and for him.

You see – Bob Crouse is VERY special to me – and we will be sharing his story in the Charter issue of Colorado Connect

Here’s an e-mail written by Mark Slaugh from iComply in Colorado Springs. I hope you will join us in the celebration!


Hey Everyone!


Bob Crouse has been fighting his cancer with phoenix tears and winning!

After talking to Dr. Melamede last night and reviewing the blood work, Bob called this morning with excitement in his voice. He said “half my cancer is gone!” and joked that he may have “misplaced it”. We were both bursting with excitement and he wanted to share his blood work results with everyone to show the proof that CBD causes Apoptosis in his Body and that cannabis is curing his cancer!

                                              2007                       9/2011                  10/2011
White Blood Count          27.3                        24.1                        16.8                        Thousands per NCL – Normal Range: 3.8 -10.8                (Leukemia)
Lymphocytes                     22400                    19039                    11726                    Cells per NCL – Normal Range: 850 – 3900                (Leukemia)
Platelets                              187                         124                         103                         Thousands per NCL – Normal Range: 140 – 400              (Causes blood to coagulate)
Neutrophils                        12                           19                           26                           Thousands per NCL – (New cell growth)

As you can see over time, Bob’s white blood cell and lyphocyte count has diminished – these counts are where the Leukemia lives and are indicators of the agression of the disease. Clearly, Bob has almost dropped half of his cancer when comparing the results to his original diagnosis in 2007. Over the last 30 days, between 9/2011 – 10/2011, Bob has had regular access and ingestion of phoneix tears medicine. This cannabis oil concentrate has brought his blood counts almost back to normal levels. The Neutrophils are what fight the cancer and as the cancerous cells are killed off, these cells have come back. Bob is getting better, at least according to his lab results.

Considering Bob takes no other medications for his cancer, science would have to summarize that the CBD from his medicine is indeed causing Apoptosis which sends a suicide signal to cancer cells while leaving his healthy cells alone. This is great news and should make the District Attorney Dan May, think twice before prosecuting sick patients who need medical marijuana.

Please consider joining C4CPR and the CSMCC on Friday, January 27th for Bob’s Motions Hearing Rally. Help us reach 100 protestors and send a strong message to Dan May that Colorado will not stand for the prosecution of patients anymore!

Thank you all for supporting Bob during this trial on his life.


I would also like to say Thank you to all who have supported Bob – and all who will be. There are many more patients out there just like Bob who need us so badly – to help support and love them, prop them up through sickness and trial.

If you can make it on the 27th – I think you will be amazed. I hope you do make it – Irvin Rosenfeld and I will be there!

If there are any more patients or people being prosecuted unjustly – PLEASE let me know. This is another function of Colorado Connect – SUPPORT.

You guys – and the patients too. NOTHING is more powerful than having 80% of a courtroom get up to leave with a defendant.


Walk proud warriors!


Please – give my number to those in need. 720-326-6577

December 13, 2011

John Suthers needs no help…

making a fool out of himself that is.

I attended the Eagle River Youth Coalition “How Do You Feel About the Impact of Medical Marijuana on Youth?” forum last night in Eagle Colorado (GORGEOUS DRIVE!) with Shan and Chaz Moore, James McVaney, Audrey Hatfield, Mark Slaugh, and Jason Lauve. For asking “How do you feel?” about something, the forum was NOT designed for 2-way communication regarding how folks felt. Questions were to be submitted on 3×5 cards and read by a moderator. Police were on hand, 2 Eagle Police Officers, and the School Sheriff reserve officer. The organizers were very gracious, and gave us space for materials to place to display and hand out.

Chaz, Shan and James all squashed into the lil ol Jeep Liberty I have on loan from the insurance company (great lil rig by the way….I want one!) and got there early and had opportunity to visit with the shop owners.

Sweetleaf Pioneer is the LONE dispensary in Eagle, and what a unique position they are in. They are the only MMD in the city of Eagle. They have had to go to great lengths to maintain their business in Eagle, and have worked diligently with the town council. Well…..Eagle has a population of about 4,000 – and population density wise – I felt like I was right back in Lincoln Montana. Small town, small town mentality.

Some new town council members were elected this past spring – and all hell broke loose for Sweetleaf. Suddenly, they are “evil” and must be banned, after jumping through ALL the hoops and spending all the money. Social ostracism is a huge problem for patients in Eagle, and supporting the MMD has been strong, but very down-played, as the patients do not want to suffer persecution.

Sure would be nice if we could get past all this “judging” stuff and just be who we are huh?

Anyways…….I understand the situation, being from itty-bitty-ville myself. It’s not one you go storming the barn on. If we woulda showed up there waving signs all over and raising a big stink, we would not have done Sweetleaf Pioneer or their patients ANY favors. Please folks, when you go do advocacy, get the feel of the situation before you open your mouth. Trust the folks you are helping with their feel for the community. What works in Denver or Colorado Springs will most certainly not always work in smaller communities. That’s why these folks live here……to get OUT of the city and big city ways.

So…..back on topic. We opted for NOT having a big scene outside – and groaned along with the audience. We had made contact previous to arriving – and pretty much stunned them with fact. They agreed to briefly introduce Chaz at the forum, as it had all been “scripted” before, and we felt lucky for that!

Guess what? You too – can groan along and yell at the screen. As soon as I get the videos uploaded, I will share. I may have to upload them to my MTConnectMagazine acct on YouTube as my CoConnectMe one isn’t approved for anything over 15 minutes yet. Be sure to like and follow them both on YouTube.

I hope you folks will take Southers to task – and do it PROFESSIONALLY. Calling somebody names and threatening them is not conducive to open dialogue.

I believe we all feel it went very well actually. After the hours of lies and mis-information, we were released, and went to the hall where the display tables were.

I have to tell each and every one of you out there – I am SO PROUD of Chaz Moore. That young man has come a long way – and Cannabis is serious medicine to him and he represents as well. The high school superintendant spent quite a bit of time questioning Chaz, and in the end said “I believe of all the people I have met using marijuana, you most certainly are a definite candidate I can support and get behind.”

That was the High School Superintendent. I was SO TICKLED! Chaz was phenomenal and has become a GREAT advocate to speak on patients rights. The youth there flocked to him after the session, and the two young men spent quite a bit of time questioning Chaz and his father. I spoke with them after they left Chaz and the Cheerleader cross country runner girls went to talk to Chaz and Shan. The young man I spoke to wants to be a pilot in his future, and was a VERY sharp young man.

His eyes were opened people. I simply reinforced it with “You’re bright – go check your facts. You can look up anything that was said here tonight on the internet. Go make your own decisions based on fact and knowlege.”

He already had…..after talking to Chaz. This is a young man who just talked about losing his peers to drugs. Not as in death, as in pals, and change of interests. Seeing and meeting Chaz was monumental to him, and witnessing one of Chaz’s seizures cinched it for those kids. I really enjoyed listening to them question Chaz and Shan. The girls were very concerned about what Shan goes through being Chaz’s parent….and asked GREAT questions!

SO SO PROUD OF YOU CHAZ! You were a ROCKSTAR last night!

Keep it up buddy!

Videos seem to be loading on the MTConnectMagazine Channel……More coming soon!

I hope you folks will pat Chaz on the back. That young man is going to do WONDERS for our community. He is coming a long way – and has more at stake here than MANY of us. If you ever see or witness one of Chaz’s attacks – you will never question him again. EVER.

It kind of bothers me that anybody would ever question treating children……with what the alternatives are out there. If we TRULY believe Cannabis is safe and effective, why would we not want our loved ones or most precious to have the benefit? Cashy Hyde is on my mind and in my heart every day with his brain cancer, please meet him at

He is my special boy….and so is Chaz. THEY are who will truly be our emissaries……as children will be who change our future.

Kids are NOT stupid……it’s about time we treated them with respect and give them knowledge and power to educate and win. Those kids from the DADS campaign last night convinced me of that. They’re eyes were opened……WIDELY.

Thank you Chaz……love ya buddy and proud to have you on board! If you folks don’t know Chaz – or need more info – please visit his site here:

The Moore family plus a guy

December 6, 2011

Meet our State Sales Manager!

Life couldn’t get any better with this announcement. We are so very pleased to welcome Randy on board. Please read his bio below and feel free to contact him for your advertising needs.

Randy will also be in charge of hiring any new staff to come on board with Colorado Connect, please contact him for details!

720-840-5028 or

Welcome aboard Randy! Proud to have you!

Randy Hadden-Good was born in Tucson, Arizona and lived his summers in Newport Beach, California.  Randy moved to Colorado in early 1997 after accepting a position with a local company. For the first year Randy did not get to see just how much Colorado had to offer since his position kept him traveling from one end of the country to the other.   In latter part of 1998 Randy accepted a new position with ING Security Life of Denver had a home built in Centennial, Colorado. Randy currently resides in Broomfield, Colorado and shares his life with his wife Ann, four children spread out from North Carolina to Seattle, two in the Denver area and two grandchildren.

Randy Hadden-Good’s background is primarily in finance and as an operations manager.  He has over 18 years of experience in the insurance, mortgage, real estate and manufacturing industries as well as establishing himself as a successful business owner in the Denver area. Randy is the former Director of Finance at ING Security Life Insurance in Denver. Randy served in the U.S. Military Service in AFSOC units and received an Honorable Discharge.  Soon after Randy attended San Diego State University for a B.S. in Business Administration.

Randy became a primary care giver in 2009, he thought would be wonderful to be able to set up a legal grow operation for medical patients, growing many high quality cannabis plants purely for medical and research purposes. Randy also felt confident that he and his partner might be able to improve the quality of Marijuana and to set a new standard for potency of Medical grade cannabis.

Randy became an owner/president of the Colorado Bottling Company in early 2010. Located in Boulder in a 13,000 square foot facility, Colorado Bottling Company (CBC) produced and distributed Keef Cola products a Medical Marijuana infused drink. Randy and his team were dedicated to guiding Colorado Bottling Company to providing the Patients of Colorado with the highest quality alternative medicines.

Randy wants to help make changes in our industry so it is looked at by all eyes as a legitimate and accepted business. Since becoming a personal care giver there have been numerous questions that have come up surrounding the interpretation of statutory language. In the beginning the law did not clearly state where marijuana plants may be grown, how many patients one caregiver may care for, or if two or more patients and/or caregivers may share one growing space. And as we all know, the federal government continues to struggle with state legalization of medical marijuana and continues to threaten MMJ businesses.  The rules for all of us that want to operate a legitimate business have continued to change and in some cases, shut many in the industry down. Randy wants to find ways to help this industry through these changes and help the patients in their common goals. Randy feels that every day there is the opportunity to learn and experience something new and the opportunity to use it to help move this industry forward.

The good news is the medical marijuana industry has survived many regulation changes in licensing, security, increasing fees and stacks of other rules. We just need to remember, what happens in this industry even if it does not have a direct impact on our business, does have a direct impact  on what we hope to accomplish. So I guess the message is “We are a team and need to stand together as a team”

Randy met Hiedi Handford and Irvin Rosenfeld for the first time in November 2011 and learned about their vision to help legitimize our industry and how they both have been working to change how people perceive the Cannabis patient and to help strengthen MMJ Businesses in Colorado as well as finding ways to support them in their efforts to do things right.

Being part of a team that gives this business a legitimate magazine “Colorado Connect” to advertise in and educate people is a great way to help this industry.

Randy Good

November 12, 2011

‘Operation White Out’ takes out drug ring | The Coloradoan |

‘Operation White Out’ takes out drug ring | The Coloradoan |

So……this was the driving force behind the opposition in Fort Collins. This is why the Sheriff in Larimer County was all wigged out. This is why Suthers is all twitchy and making the statements he does. 19 pounds of marijuana are involved, so of course that just HAD to come from our industry now didn’t it?

Going on for the past 18 months huh?

Look closely at the faces they display in their ring. Are any of those OUR people folks?

I’d say not….but we are equated with them in Fort Collins. Every time one of the prohibitionists looks at one of us – they will see and remember this story.

Patients? Yeah….right…..we’re all just part of the cartel drug ring in the prohibitionists eyes.

You know what just KILLS me here folks? Cannabis is CURING Cancer! I was just dancing around hugging Dr Bob Melamede yesterday in Colorado Springs at the iComply/CSMCC luncheon celebrating his discoveries.   for details and follow up to be posted soon…..

PLEASE visit and witness Dr. Bob’s research. You will be as excited – and I expect a full swath of Snoopy Dances across the state.

I’m Dancin!

Thank you Dr. Bob!

Saving Lives!

Proving it!

The Medical Cannabis Industry is a roller coaster of emotions. We celebrate our wins – our science – our successes. We mourn our losses – most painful are the loss of patients. We watch many die, just too sick or too late to help. We are compassionate people – wanting to do what’s right and good for people.

That’s what I see when I have the pleasure of meeting the people in this industry. We have some of the strongest – most passionate and compassionate folks you could ever meet in this world. Great hearts – hard workers. Dedicated and caring.

Pioneers in a new industry. We are pioneering a new industry folks. I have believed that for years now – and personally – I revel in it. I am EXCITED to see it. I am tickled to death every time I hear of a new success and discovery. A new product. A new patient helped.

I do Snoopy Dances all the time for you folks. For the patients. For the new people who finally see the science and learn.

This new industry is just as important to me as it is to many of you.

That’s why I do what I do. That’s why we have Irvin on board. NO other publication out there has a Federal Medical Marijuana patient on board to help us fight – help us have integrity and credibility. We HAVE to have integrity and credibility. We HAVE to fight them politically – and at the local level. We have to demand respect…..but we also have to PRESENT with respect to do that.

Colorado Connect is designed exactly for that folks. Not only will I be whacking prohibitionists in the noggin with it for years to come….but the “bad guys” in our industry too. My ban list has been developed – and there are folks I will NEVER advertise in our magazine. I have learned of many instances of deceitful behavior in Colorado – and in my own heart I cannot refer a patient to them. This industry is just TOO important and new to me and us to fool around.

I don’t go around advertising my ban list – you will never see that. That’s just tacky, disrepectful, and damaging to a new industry. You just won’t see them on our pages – or any of our staff in their shops. I maintained this principle in Montana – and have voided a $1000 check from one such advertiser.

Nobody can pay me to hurt a patient – or our industry. Not with my knowledge of it.

It’s also because of that principle that I have the contributing writers I do. They are safe in knowing they won’t be sharing the pages of a cannabis publication with anything that might embarrass them.

Patients Out of Time is a VERY important group to our industry – and they deserve respect. I confirmed Stan Garnett as a contributing writer this week. If you folks don’t know who Stan Garnett is – you have been under a rock politically. He is the Boulder County DA – and ran for Attorney General 2 years ago.

Having contributing writers such as the lineup I am developing is VERY important to me – as Colorado Connect will be distributed to EVERY senator and house rep in the state. Every town council I get an address for. These folks have GOT to get and have a credible message – a resource to learn. The newspapers are doing us NO favors – and the culture magazines? Well…they have their market – and their place.

The political arena is not one of them – not now – and not for medical.

I’m hoping to announce our new State Sales Manager next week – and I am so very excited to do so. We will also be presenting to Act4Co – MMIG – and CBA. Please see the book tour schedule on our site for dates and times.

Irvin & I hope to meet many more of you over the next week – and look forward to doing so. If you’re into the “Culture Club” thing and down for a party….well….you can come say hi – but don’t expect us to party with you. This is serious business – and we have work to do.

Our kind of fun is Advocacy and Education. We love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and seeing the exciting things you business folks are doing. We also love having a toe to toe with the opposition…..debate gets the blood pumping.

I hope you’ll join us – and I invite you to do so. Please feel free to call anytime – even if you have a problem. ESPECIALLY if you have a problem. We might be able to help. That’s what we do……we help people – and we CONNECT people.

Let’s win this fight. Let’s Connect!

November 11, 2011

Hello Colorado!!??!! We have a PROBLEM!!!

Anybody see this??

Panelists note rise in teen pot use

AG Suthers criticizes state medical marijuana policies

John Stroud
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Dr. Paul Salmen of Glenwood Springs, center, was one of three panelists at a forum Tuesday, “The Presence of Medical Marijuana and Our Kids,” held at the Glenwood Springs Community Center. The other two panelists were Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, left, and Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson.

Dr. Paul Salmen of Glenwood Springs, center, was one of three panelists at a forum Tuesday, “The Presence of Medical Marijuana and Our Kids,” held at the Glenwood Springs Community Center. The other two panelists were Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, left, and Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson.
Kelley Cox Post Independent
GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — Marijuana use among adolescents has been a concern for many decades, but never more so than since the advent of Colorado’s medical marijuana industry in recent years, according to a panel of speakers at a community forum Tuesday night.Debbie Wilde, executive director of YouthZone, which deals with at-risk youth from Aspen to Parachute, said 10 percent of their youth clients surveyed report using marijuana at least once a month.That’s 50 percent higher than for youth across the United States. Locally, the number of youth using marijuana daily has increased 50 percent in recent years, she said.And, by and large, she said they admit getting the drug from medical marijuana patients.“Medical marijuana has increased access for youth, and created a perception that it’s OK,” Wilde said.The informational forum on medical marijuana and its impact on youth was sponsored by YouthZone, local health and business organizations and the Roaring Fork School District.More than 200 people, including several parents who brought their children to hear the discussion, packed the Glenwood Springs Community Center meeting room.In addition to representatives from YouthZone and substance abuse programs, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers was invited to speak.Suthers offered harsh words for the state’s medical marijuana policies, which he believes has made the drug more accessible to youth.

“In my opinion, the medical marijuana regime in Colorado is nothing more than a state-sanctioned fraud on the part of several thousand patients and a few dozen doctors, in violation of federal law,” he said.

Of the roughly 130,000 authorized medical marijuana patients currently in Colorado, he said the vast majority are males in their 20s and 30s.

“Folks, that is precisely the demographic profile of recreational drug users in the state,” Suthers said.

“I’m tempted to support legalization in an effort to get away from the government hypocrisy,” he said. “But I won’t do that … because it would only increase the perception that there is no risk with this drug.”

Dr. Paul Salmen, a Glenwood Springs family physician and founder of the Youth Recovery Center at Valley View Hospital, said marijuana affects teens differently than adults.

“I’m not here to condemn medical marijuana as an evil substance,” Salmen said.

But, “marijuana in the brain of a teenager is a very different drug,” he said, noting that it affects the reward center of the brain at a time when the brain is still in a very formative stage.

“Teenagers are not using marijuana for chronic pain or for cancer, they’re using it for pleasure,” Salmen said.

Shelley Evans, who founded the Red Mountain Adolescent and Family Center in Glenwood Springs four years ago, said 100 percent of the program’s youth clients admit to marijuana use.

“Alcohol is still a problem among youth, but what we’re seeing is they’re drinking on the weekends but they’re smoking marijuana on a daily basis,” Evans said. One-fourth of the young people in the program also have parents who are medical marijuana patients, she said.

Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson said marijuana arrests involving juveniles rose from 19 in 2008, before medical marijuana became prominent locally, to 48 last year and 31 through October this year.

Just in the last year, state and local regulations were put in place to enact controls on the medical marijuana industry, including safeguards to try to keep the drug out of the hands of teenagers and others not authorized to use it. No representatives from local dispensaries or industry associations spoke at the Glenwood Springs forum. 


Was ANYBODY from the Colorado Medical Cannabis Industry there? I’m not naming a group….I mean ANYBODY??

So – here in Glenwood Springs we have 200 people and the Colorado Attorney General TEARING our industry up – with absolutely no counter. No open debate – and no one in the audience brave enough to call bullshit when they see it.

THIS is the problem going on with this industry – and this is exactly why we are here – and trying to de what we do. By GOD if I had known this was going on – I would have been there in a FLASH with facts and science to counter all the lies.

We HAVE to be PROACTIVE folks! We HAVE TO get to these meetings and counter them! John Suthers should not be out campaigning against medical cannabis like he is – YOU pay HIM a salary! He represents YOU too! The laws here are the will of the voters……ALL of them – not the few he selects and chooses.

It is time to start holding your public officials accountable for their public actions.

Believe you me – Mr Suthers will be getting a phone call from Hiedi Handford. Sooner than he may know it.

You folks should all be dialing him up too……and holding him accountable. People DIE over these lies……

John Suthers – Colorado Attorney General – contact info

1525 Sherman St.
Denver, Colorado 80203
P: 303-866-4500
F: 303-866-5691