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June 15, 2012

What if……?

What if

What if Cannabis prohibition for the past 75 years was deeply flawed and has done nothing to help the American population? What if Cannabis prohibition harms the population? What if Cannabis prohibition harms the economy? What if Cannabis was a completely viable, reliable medicine commonly used for over 100 afflictions from as early as 1850? What if Cannabis had more time when being debated on the Congressional floor in the White House in 1937? What if Cannabis had more than one minute and 30 seconds consideration on the House Congressional Floor on a hot friday afternoon? What if the doctors and the American Medical Association were taken seriously, rather than discredited? What if there were rational conversation regarding Cannabis? What if propaganda and social persecution were taken away from Cannabis altogether? What if we spell healTHCare and really include THC when we spell it? What if the DEA and FDA and NIDA were to look at factual studies and conduct their own? What if the American Population started handling this issue with intelligence and tact? What if THC was really considered to be at the heart and center of healTHCare?

What if?

What if Hemp could be grown across America rather than imported from other countries who gain all the profit and benefit? What if Americans could go back to work farming hemp? What if Kentucky and Oklahoma could regain their proud hemp farming heritage? What if we could save resources and better our country with hemp? What if we could make fuels and plastics, homes and hempcrete? What if we could replace tree harvesting for paper with hemp farming? What if we could decrease dependence on foreign oil with hemp farming? What if we could regenerate soils, and clean our piece of the planet with hemp? What if we could grow better foods all over the country by regenerating our soils with hemp? What if we had a healthier America?

What if?

What if we quit incarcerating people for a victimless crime? What if prison populations went down every year, rather than increasing? What if the youth of America stood a fighting chance for a college education with no threats from a harmless plant? What if we built more hospitals than prisons? What if we end the useless war on drugs and begin a war for crimes against children? What is we really protect the children from crime and sickness, instead of posturing? What if we incarcerated more violent offenders than non-violent offenders? What if we encourage family and community support? What if we help one another? 

What if?

What if our children had a safer alternative to toxic medications? What if our children didn’t have to die? What if physicians were allowed to practice medicine without being second-guessed? What if epilepsy and crohn’s disease could be eliminated with Cannabis oil? What if cancer treatment was altered nationally to incorporate integrative medicine and include cannabis? What if Americans recognized they all have endocannabinoid systems? What if all Americans performed a google search for “medical benefits of Cannabis”? What if society wanted folks to feel better? What if all the chronic pain went away? What if patients were taken seriously regarding their conditions? What if people weren’t judged by appearance? What if “You don’t LOOK sick” was never a statement ever uttered? What if “stoned” defined pharmaceutical medications? What if Americans were freed from the entrapment of addiction to opioid painkillers? What if our children didn’t get put on harmful medication at very young ages in attempts at behavior modification? What if Americans quit looking at a pill for an answer? What if we utilized more natural, cleaner, better medicine?

What if?

What if every Cannabis supporter voted only for candidates who support Cannabis? What if politicians who refuse science and logic were fired from their positions? What if politicians turned to physicians rather than law enforcement when it comes to Cannabis and any questions they may have? What if Cannabis could change America? What if Cannabis could regain its right to freedom and helping people? What if Cannabis grew freely across our great Nation? What if our forefathers could come back and see what has happened to Cannabis? What if they were very disappointed? What if it was required of every politician to understand how Cannabis was made illegal before taking their Oath of Office? What if we took the politics out of Big Pharma? What if we took Big Pharma out of politics? What if healthcare was really healthCARE?

What if?

What if my concerns are completely unfounded? Nothing.

But what if my concerns are justified and ignored? Nothing good.

Think about it

What if?

*Dedicated to my friend Richard – you know who you are. Thanks for the inspiration Wolfman ~ Hiedi

March 26, 2012

Cherish what you’ve got

Because when it’s gone, it’s very painful.

How do I know?

Here’s one example:

Warrior fighting for his life 

Even LANDLORDS are affected in Montana!

So……you may be sitting there thinking “What has Montana got to do with Colorado?”

Well folks, it has everything to do with Colorado. Politically, legislatively, AND in the medical cannabis movement.

If you have followed politics in both of these states for any period of time, you will find that CO and MT are very close in many areas. Of closest interest is the whole Agricultural realm, and many state and government practices and lawmaking.

In the midwest, these two states really have the most in common, from terrain, to weather, to agriculture, livestock, water policy. I could go on and on.

Our politicians and state governments interact – and look to each other for solutions, and feedback. In many political realms, you will see them parallel, and in many instances, MT follows CO legislation within a 5 year window.

Right now – what I wouldn’t personally give to have the problems Colorado has in Montana. From the Beinor case, to the Walsh letters, to the banking issues.

I WISH we had your problems in Montana.

You may think I’m crazy for saying that, but try losing access sometime. Walk a mile in the shoes of a Montana providor or patient….it brings it all into perspective.

Do you have any idea how many folks are affected in Montana?

We had 24 raids in ONE DAY (March 14, 2011 to be exact) in a political move to push repeal through our statehouse.

Those folks are all facing their charges now, and families are being devastated.

Our lawsuit is underway, and we go to court April 30, 2012 to see if we get damaged further. or maybe some relief.

In my opinion, with how Montana’s new law is written, no matter how one interprets it – there is NO WAY to operate and function legally. There is a loophole in there one way or another to screw Montanans, and increase crime rates.

Please see new law detailed out here: See how Montana got screwed

SO – folks


I hope this will help some of you understand my views in Colorado, and why I have taken the path I have with Colorado and Montana Connect Magazines.

What happened in Montana REALLY opened my eyes, and shaped my view on how I operate and handle things. I am  “conservative with a liberal flair” and I have been all of  my adult life.

There are quite a few of us out here – and more and more are coming into the fold every day.

That’s why I have the approach to marketing I have. The attention to public view, from an objective perspective.

The world is watching Colorado – what you folks DO matters!

And folks across the nation watch……some are literally dying to get into Colorado.

I know – we just “imported” our first patient last week, from Florida. A seriously ill Crohn’s patient.

That story will be shared soon……

I meant what I said about increasing registry numbers. We have a HUGE base to draw from in Colorado – and even more from out of state who see Colorado as THE place to be.

After my experience in Montana and Colorado – that’s what I tell folks too. At least until we get Montana straightened out.

I share my experience there. The beauty of the industry – the safety of the patients.

What we have going on in Colorado is not only beautiful, it is history.

Please folks….cherish it. Exemplify the spirit of the Pioneer……lead.

You have the lead – please – act local – think GLOBAL.

So many people around the world are watching.

WIN that Beinor case – and fight for Boulder.

Please stay tuned for a story from Boulder too – there are HUGE problems in the city – and we must rally.

CHERISH what you’ve got – for it is ever so painful to lose…….

March 18, 2012

Behind the Latest Bust at High Times Magazine – The Daily Beast

Behind the Latest Bust at High Times Magazine – The Daily Beast.

I must say – I find it disturbing that the DEA would look at a publication and it’s Freedom of Speech – and consider them to be “drug paraphernalia

Although, if they were running drugs in the 70’s and 80’s I guess that would make sense.

If the folks there are running drugs now…….

I leave the rest to your though processes.


How do YOU want to be viewed in a regulated industry in Colorado?

The outside world is watching…….

Are you a drug dealer?

Or are you a professional, medical facility?

Think about it………the outside world wants to know!

February 15, 2012

Supply of key drug to treat childhood leukemia may run out in weeks | The Salt Lake Tribune

Supply of key drug to treat childhood leukemia may run out in weeks | The Salt Lake Tribune.


This drug is essential….and the FDA, who allows the manufacture of millions of units of oxycodone quarterly every year, cannot compel drug companies to produce a drug to save 2-5 year old children?

There’s something SERIOUSLY wrong here!

As the need for the drug goes up, so does the cost. This is a cancer CURING drug, not one to treat a symptom.

Can you see what is going on here?

As the parents of these children are financially crippled in 90% of all cases, this KILLS children! The drug companies make money no matter what, whether treating a symptom, or shorting supply of a critical drug to up the costs.

Makes me CRAZY mad!

Then….we have the fight against Cannabis on top of it all.

Why is it that every drug or herb that works to CURE cancer is either in short supply, maligned socially, or made illegal Federally? Do you think that maybe the drug companies don’t want us to get “better”.

They make more money on sick folks than they do healthy ones.

Think about it.

Please help fight cancer of ALL kinds today, but especially for the children. How many 2-5 year old children across our nation will die without this drug that cures at 90%?

Speak up folks…..THIS is the crime.

Stop killing the children!

January 31, 2012

Irvin Rosenfeld and Colorado Connect


As discussed in an earlier post, Irvin and I had many discussions with many of you over the past week.

We have made six small videos outlining Irvin’s support of Colorado Connect, and why it is important we need your support too. They are all under 2 minutes….easy viewing.

We sincerely hope you will take the time to view, and provide feedback, or any concerns you may have. We value your opinion.

Irv Rosenfeld introduces Colorado Connect

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

We hope to hear from you soon!

December 12, 2011

Thank you for a successful book tour!

Thank You!

So sorry for the delay in this post folks….it’s been a MADHOUSE! Irvin and I were rear-ended on the 19th as we started our day for the book tour that day. We were on our way to a 10am appointment – and were at the corner of Colorado and 40th……waiting for the red light to change. Well…..out of nowhere – WHAM! We were nailed as we sat there by a gal in a Dodge Stratus. She didn’t even leave a skid mark – and the speed limit was 40mph…..yikes!

We are both ok… no worries. Irvin went directly to the hospital that day from the scene, and I got checked out when I got there. We don’t mess around with Irvin’s bone disorder, something like that wreck could really mess him up. We both feel very fortunate to have been in my GMC Safari van and surrounded by all that American Steel to protect us. My side took most of the impact, and I have a pretty severe case of whiplash. Irv got a touch too – and his hip has been bothering him.

I have since been to Montana, and returned. I will be traveling between both states, and working in both. The woman who hit us was insured (Thank heavens!) so we have both been dealing with the insurance company, and treatment for our injuries. For me, computer work has been murdersome, and I am finally getting to where I can sit and type some. My range of motion in my neck and shoulders has been greatly reduced, and I look forward to the day I can change lanes on these crazy Denver highways with no pain.

Back to book tour thank yous!

We would like to extend a sincere apology to the two shops we missed that morning. Kind Love, and The Giving Tree – so sorry we missed your stops that day. I called the shops from the crash and told them, and we hope to make their places next time Irv is in town. I will be calling to book them when we plan the next tour. We are looking at January – so please folks – if any of you want Irvin in your shop – contact us as soon as possible! 406-594-7932 or 720-326-6577 or 954-536-9011. I can start the list and will book you folks first when we figure out dates.

It still amazes me how many folks don’t know we have Federal Patients……we have to change that! I’m hoping to get over to the Western Slope soon……and want to book a tour that direction as well.

When Irvin landed on the 15th – we hit the floor running! We attended a MMIG meeting that night, as well as attending meetings with Act 4 Co and the Cannabis Business Alliance throughout the week. The CSMCC – Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council – threw a mixer on Friday night, where we met a LOT of folks, hung out with Dr. Bob and company, and just had a great time. It was great to meet all the different folks from the trade groups, and see their different missions and roles in medical cannabis in Colorado. We look forward to meeting more, and being involved with each and every one of them at one level or another. Through Colorado Connect we hope to introduce each and every one of you to the different groups, and encourage you to pick the one or select more than one if you choose, that fits your mindset and goals for your future in this great new industry. Each group has it’s own strengths, and they ALL need your support to do the best job we can. We are all fighting toward the same end result here, and there is a LOT of passion in and about this industry. It is so exciting to witness and be a part of!

Thank you again to each and every one of you who hosted us in your shops. There were quite a few who had us a second time….and we loved seeing you again! We hope to develop long lasting relationships with all of you, and we are here to help any way we can.

Please, feel free to call us anytime. The numbers are listed above. Let’s plan another tour for January – and get Irvin scheduled into the key places we may need him. Think we might need him for session? We might be able to arrange that, with the right planning. He is a great voice to have speak on behalf of patient rights.

There will be another post coming directly – as today – we go to Eagle Colorado to chase down John Suthers…….stay tuned.